Movers in Vancouver

Are you considering hiring movers for your next local move? There are many considerations for you to review. Firstly, what is the cost of moving yourself vs hiring professional movers to do it for you. At Ferguson Moving & Storage, we believe customers should have as many options as possible. That’s why we can assist people moving in Vancouver with the most options out of any Vancouver moving companies.

One of the most unique features of Ferguson Moving & Storage is that we have an in warehouse training facility. That’s right, an actual 1 bedroom apartment set up o train all of our movers. We also have things to pack such as:

  • dishes
  • glasses
  • books
  • cutlery
  • artwork
  • sheets of glass
  • brick a bract

We also offer free packing courses to our customers. That’s right free packing courses to show you how to pack properly.

Ferguson Moving also has ready moving kits available for online purchase

You may think that packing is basic. But did you know that there are many tricks the pro’s at Ferguson use to ensure that everything arrives safely? Also, we can show you tried and tested tricks to speed up the packing time so you can get back to living sooner.

Many times when we show people how to pack, they realize how big of a job they have ahead of them. Well not to worry because in most cases, we can still arrange to have packers come out and do it for you. Perhaps your fine with things like packing your own books but just need the movers to help with things like packing the kitchen or packing the lamps and other fragile items in your home.

Contact Ferguson Moving & Storage today to discuss all of your moving and packing needs with our trained and experienced consultants.

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