Our 18 most visited moving articles in 2016 so far (from our Vancouver movers blog)

Keep in mind some of these moving articles were published recently, and so the fact they made it to this list part way through the year is impressive! They may get more and more popular as we progress through our calendar in 2016. Share the ones you find most interesting!

In ascending order, our most popular articles for 2016 thus far are…

18. Black Bear Fears for North Vancouver, West Vancouver, or the Tri-cities?

In this article we delve into something most people probably don’t think about when picking a place to move in Metro Vancouver: the black bears! When you move more North, you’re more likely to run into these wild animals, especially in places you least expect, like your backyard or other local areas. If you have a phobia for black bears, or just want to avoid the dangers of animal sightings where you keep your household garbage, you may want to check this article out:

17. Moving large appliances: How to move a refrigerator

You think it’s simple, right? But it’s not! Refrigerators are not just giant boxes that magically keep things cold! They have working components – even ones that contain liquids – that need to be kept upright. Plus, they’re heavy, and you may want to take some precautionary steps when preparing to move a refrigerator. Our article explains this in more detail:

16. Moving Hacks: Lifehacks that Make Moving Easier

You’ve heard of lifehacks right? Well, we put together some ‘moving hacks’ for you to try. And, not only that, we thought of Vancouver moving families in particular! Like the consideration of labelling in pencil, so that ink doesn’t run if you move on a rainy Vancouver day. Neato, huh? Check out our other life hacks for moving here:

15. Avoid Getting Scammed On Your Move

The words “scam” and “movers” seem to go together a lot in the media. But you know, it doesn’t have to be that way. Sometimes you just need to take some ordinary precautions, while also ensuring you’re using a reputable moving company. And, finding out if a moving company is reputable is not difficult to do. This article explains how to avoid being scammed on your next move:

14. 3 ideas for repurposing used moving pallets after you move in Vancouver

Pinterest and DIY-lovers will feel their creative juices running when they see this article (so share it with them!). And they will probably know about more what can be done with the ever versatile used wood from moving palettes. It seems topics that have the word “repurpose” in them can often run you a moving palette project. We put together three of those projects in this article on our moving blog. And hey, when you move, it’s always a good idea to reduce waste, right? So even if you’re new at repurposing or doing DIY projects, you can get started with these ones!

13. Concrete Houses vs Wood Houses in Review

So you’re deciding whether to move, or you may be shopping for a home, but all of a sudden, the way the home is built is starting to matter. Because you realize, this could have an impact on the daily life you live, and the long-term durability of your home. So which is better, concrete or wood? Well, there are arguments to both sides of the debate, and in this article we go through them. We help you make your own choice, based on your priorities:

12. Dollar store hacks for your next home move

It’s pretty neat this one made our list, since it was published not too long ago. I guess it attests to the interest of humans far and wide to save a buck or two! And don’t we all love to save! Dollar stores these days carry some really interesting items. Often they have items you wouldn’t think of going to a dollar store to buy. In this article, we give you some tips on what to buy from the dollar store for your next home move:

11. IKEA hacks for moving

Also a cool article to be on this list because it was published recently, and is already gaining traction for our moving blog. IKEA is obviously popular when it comes to value-priced home furnishings. But you know, IKEA’s product line goes much further than that. Sometimes you can walk through the IKEA marketplace and totally miss the fact that they sell things like inexpensive power tools, moving dollies and cardboard boxes, plus more. In this article we outline the IKEA knick knacks you’ll probably be able to use for moving. Plus there are perks of doing so at the ever-so-fun-to-visit giant big box store (like a good excuse for retail therapy!):

10. Best Benefits of Moving to Surrey, B.C.

Surrey is a suburb of Metro Vancouver, and moving to Surrey is becoming quite popular as option for urban dwellers who want a more affordable, yet still-vibrant place to live. In this article we outline 3 of the best reasons to move to Surrey, B.C. And you’d be surprised, there are not only new developments and attractions for families, but also bylaws that affect the city which you may want to know about. Check them out in this article:

9. How to Prevent Silverfish: Tips for Vancouver Movers

Bugs are gross for many people, and you know what bugs we see often in Vancouver? Silverfish. Those wiggly creatures can be super annoying, and knowing how to prevent them before moving in Vancouver is an essential skill all Vancouverites should have! Even if your neighbours have them, you can try to prevent them, and we explain how in this article:

8. Overnight Moving Services: Top 6 Questions Renters Need To Ask Moving Companies Before Moving

Renting can come with a lot less headache than home ownership. But it can also come with unexpected surprises. Like confusing move-in and move-out dates. Sometimes, the way dates and leases work, you’ll need to plan for an overnight moving service. This is because if your existing lease ends on the last day of the month, but the new one starts on the 1st, you could have a moving truck full of stuff with nowhere to unload for an entire night! So, to prevent that, here are 6 questions you need to ask a moving company if you are a renter, and planning to hire professional movers:

7. How to help a hoarder move

We know there’s a TV show on this, and TV can sensationalize things a lot. But on the other hand, it can also bring to light some issues that we don’t often think of. If you know a hoarder, you’ll know by now that handling the need to move and get rid of stuff while doing so is not as easy as telling them to ‘pick up and go.’ Awareness of mental illness is at play here. In this article, we cover the signs of hoarding, as well as some tips on how to help a hoarder move:

6. Moving Music Studio Equipment, Relocating Instruments Safely

If you’re a musician, you know that taking care of your instrument is vital to maintaining its lifespan and making sure your creative expression sounds the best it can sound. So moving music studio equipment from one location to another requires utmost attention to detail, including proper casing and humidity prevention. If you’re a musician, you’ll definitely want to show this article to any professional mover, or friends helping you move. This is because they may just not understand why it matters a lot that things are done a certain way when moving musical studio equipment or instruments. So share this link!

5. Tiny House in Metro Vancouver: Difficulties and Solutions

This article is a follow up on a more positive view of moving into a tiny house, which we wrote about here. But honestly, tiny house living can be hard. It looks awesome and cool if you want mobility and a minimalist lifestyle. But realistically you probably have a lot more stuff than can comfortably fit in a tiny home. And it doesn’t stop there! Having a tiny house in Vancouver means finding a legal place to park it, and also a way to hook yourself up to utilities. You’ll want to know what you’re getting into before you decide to build or buy a tiny house and live in it. We discuss these challenges in this article:

4. How to Move a Safe: Vancouver Movers

When you read this title, you may be thinking, ‘well that’s specific!’ And it is. But you know, these are the tricky things that come up when moving. And having an expert on hand is what can make the difference between a smooth move, and a rough one. It’s not always as simple as lift, carry and drop. Special items like safes need to be moved with care and awareness. And so it’s no wonder people like reading this particular moving advice on our blog:

3. How to move a pool table

Here is yet another specific one, and it comes in on the top 3! Pool tables are super sensitive. If you tamper with the table in any wrong way, it can become unleveled. That would make any pool game a totally not legit one. And thus, that would be a waste of a pool table, or an expensive and difficult thing to fix. If you have insurance, you need to be even more careful, because the way you handle the move of a pool table can affect any coverage you may be eligible for. So moving a pool table requires some TLC (tender loving care). Read more about how to move a pool table here:

2. How to Move a Shed: Surrey Movers, Professional Moving Tips

If you really love your shed and don’t want to part with it instead of getting a new one at your new home, you’re going to want to know how to move it. And how to move the stuff inside of it (which we realize, are the not type of things that can be easily or cheaply replaced). This article gives you some detail on how to move a shed:

Our top read moving article: Moving from Vancouver to Victoria

Yes folks, this is the one that gets the most reads on our moving blog. People moving from Vancouver to Victoria apparently come around often. Hey, you may be one of them, or know some of them. It’s an enticing move in either direction – you can either escape city busy life to a nearby island (who gets to do that these days, really! right?) or you can make the move to urban-inity in Vancouver from Victoria. Either way, you’re most likely going to get to one shore or another by boat with all your belongings. So there are logistics to know beforehand. We outline them in this short, but sweet, article:

And there you have it folks! Our top 18 most read blog posts from our Vancouver movers blog!

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