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Moving season is upon us. In the moving industry, we call it peak season. that’s because every year the line graph looks the same. Jan and Dec are flat and june/july is the peak of the tent.

Many homeowners put “hire movers” too low on the to do list of priorities. Then when it comes time to move, they pick up the phone to call the reputable mover they’ve heard so much about. Unfortunatly, everyone else has heard of them too and they’re sold out for June 30th. Some folks try to move the dates around but often times it’s impossible.

It’s at this point disaster starts to give her warnings. This is because homeowners start to discover that all of the “good movers” they’ve heard about are sold out. It only stands to reason that each company only has so much capacity to accommodate customers during peak season. No company can afford to have trucks sitting all winter just to do business in peak season.

Out of desperation, the homeowners usually start speed dialing moving companies. After hearing “sold out” so many times, concern of quality begins to take a back seat to we have to find movers.

Typically what happens next is the trap that fly by night are hoping you’ll fall into. If all they say is yes we have moves, desperate home owners that need to move will quickly give their credit card details over the phone and book the movers.

On move day the moving tuck comes and all kinds of disasters can come with them.

  • -moving truck is too small
  • there’s supposed to be 3 movers but only 2 come
  • you ask how long the movers have worked there and they say”what time is it now?”
  • you tour them around the house and they really take an interest in your dvd collection.
  • they start to pick things up and you hear wood cracking.
  • They load the truck and you go to see and they’re having a smoke break…AGAIN
  • the furniture pads are stacked up at the back of the truck. Not on the furniture like it’s supposed to be.
  • they take too long to load and the new home owners movers show up on time and can’t move in because you’re guys are no where near done.
  • you get informed you will be paying the other movers (probably the guys you wanted but couldnt get) to sit and wait.
  • You finally get everything loaded and the movers go to the new house without saying goodbye.
  • you discover they forgot a dresser in your master closet
  • After arriving to the new house the movers begin to carry everything in.
  • You notice dings and scratches on all of the wood. Some broken glass comes in also.
  • At the end of the move you notice scratches on the hardwood floor because the movers never used floor runners or furniture pads to protect the floor.
  • After the movers are unloaded they present you the invoice which is way higher than what you were quoted over the phone.
  • After you refuse to pay, they inform you they will not unload the rest of your shipment. You thought they had.
  • They let you know if you do not pay, they will keep your dvd collection and allof your expensive electronics.This happens every year and consumers are left to wonder how “these guys” are still in business.

    Well, hopefully companies like homestars will help. But in reality, the only reason bad movers are in business is because consumers wait too long to get the movers they wanted. Also, no mover can accommodate all of the moves that happen in peak season. It’s too much too soon.

    Avoid being a victim by having “situational awarness”

    Call movers as soon as you know you’re moving. Have them give you a free in home estimate.

    Visit their office to make sure they’re legit and organized.

    Look for testimonials and make sure they are real.

    Find movers in your area with the canadian association of movers of mayflower canada

    If you’re in Vancouver, call Ferguson Moving & Storage for your complimentry estimate. 604-922-2212

    But don’t wait too long… get your free moving estimate today

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