Hazard Free Move

Keep your move hazard free

If I was to review with you the things in your home that are a hazard, you might think of things like the stove, hot water taps, furnace and bumping your head on cabinet doors when you stand up.  On moving day, your house can become somewhat of a gauntlet to navigate. You’ll have boxes everywhere, items you couldn’t fit into some boxes like lamps, artwork and glass shelves.

The experts at Ferguson Moving & Storage wants to give you some moving tips and packing tips to help give you a hazard free move.

Establish a moving safety zone

Keep all of your hallways and doorways clutter free. While you’re packing your home it’s easy to forget that you could be creating a fire hazard. Can everyone exit the house quickly without tripping? If there are senior in your home, they are most vulnerable to getting injured during moving due to tripping hazards.

Using proper moving equipment

Back strain is common to people moving themselves. Professional movers have essential equipment such as moving dollies, moving carts, lifting straps and piano dollies. Lifting that marble table by yourself may make you feel like superman for a little while. Not being able to get out of bed the next day may bring you back to earth. Allow the moving consultant at Ferguson Moving and Storage to review with you what type of equipment they will use to increase the safety and efficiency of your move.

Herding cats and people on moving day

On move day, the less people involved the better. The kids may be cute and would like to run up and down the moving truck ramp, but it’s very dangerous and could cause permanent injury or death. The family dog may be dependent on your care but during a move, they tend to get protective and block movers from carrying furniture out of the house. Sometimes also, they can be quiet and just in the way.

This can cause them to accidentally get stepped on. Putting them in the bathroom can stress them out. We suggest finding a friend to pet sit or use a dog walking company to care for them during moving day.

Stay cozy

No need to get all dressed up for the big day. We’re not going to judge you for not being in a tux or cocktail dress. We know it’s a huge occasion to move to your dream home. Make is comfortable for yourself. Grab those old cozy jeans and the Vancouver college sweater and big warm socks. Wear the old beat up running shoes that just kick on and off so fast but are very comfortable. Save the tux for the housewarming party your planning after the move is done. 

Think rationally about the move

The temptation to rush and get things done could cause personal injury and actually slow things down. The purpose of your Vancouver movers is to make things efficient and stress free. With a flat moving quote from Ferguson Moving & Storage, the efficiency is our responsibility. So work with your move manager to ensure that your move is a efficient one. Not a race.

Moving Tips

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