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How wonderful it is giving small moving tips which makes a big difference to our clients who need movers.   For some, in-home estimate is just a waste of time, but in reality it saves time. Ferguson Moving and Storage is happy to send a moving consultant to your home as an eye of the operations and as a hand for our client.

Meeting different people every day, listening different concerns on their move, and giving simple solutions to make your moving problem-free is challenging and interesting. Ferguson Moving and Storage sends moving consultants to your home bringing stress-free mover tips. Through the estimate process, this allows us to determine how many movers are required for your move, what size moving truck we should be using.

Ferguson Moving and Storage could provide you our rate and estimate over the phone but there will be a question of being accurate. People love surprises but not moving surprises and definitely not a surprise charges.  Recently, there was a happy client of Ferguson Moving and Storage. On her previous move, she did not choose Ferguson being estimate was higher than other competitors, so she chose the company who estimated it for lesser time. But was a big surprise for her at the end of her move, where she ends up paying more for what Ferguson has offered her.

Again, another moving requirement comes her way, tons of questions comes along. Is there a reliable moving company existing now a days? Is there still a company which do not take advantage of me as client since I signed the contract already? Is there a company who gives GUARANTEED services? The consultant answered her questions, helped her re–build her trust to a moving company. Ferguson Moving and Storage guaranteed all her concerns, guaranteed rates in writing. Now, the stress on her was relieved. She once again hopes and crossed her finger crossed. She entrusted the job with Ferguson Moving and Storage. The awaited moving date came, the job was done. She was not just a happy customer but a VERY happy customer with trust rebuilt on her. She got more than what she expected. “I was very pleased with the service I received – especially after a bad experience with another company who quoted a low price and then gave me a bill for double the amount. To be guaranteed the final invoice would not increase by more than 10% really put my mind at ease. The movers were professional, careful with my belongings and the lead person moving me into my new home, (after storage), was especially helpful. Nothing was too much trouble for him.”  (V. Williams). A small success means a new hope. We are a friend that you comfort with whenever you needed, who will be with you from start to end.

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Moving Consultant
Ferguson Moving and Storage
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Moving Tips

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