Moving to USA from Canada

Moving to the USA from Canada

As a moving consultant for Ferguson Moving and Storage, I run into a lot of unique situations. Recently I was just getting ready to go home at 5 pm on a Friday night when the phone rang.  I picked up the phone and said “good evening Ferguson Moving and Storage”.  On the line was a very stressed person close to tears calling from Los Angeles.  The first thing she said to me was “I really need your help”.  Without knowing the problem I said that I would do my best.

She went on to say that her possessions had been picked up and stored a few weeks prior by a discount van line. When she called to find out when she could expect to get delivery of her furniture, she was told that the warehouse where her goods were had a fire and was told that a restoration company had taken what was left of her belongings to another warehouse and was being held there.

They gave her the phone number of the restoration company and when she asked what the company was trying to do for her and she was told “nothing” her shipment had released value protection and that there was nothing they would be willing to do for her.

I sat listening to her story and decided to just let her vent. She said that she felt helpless as she was in L.A. starting a new job and she couldn’t come back to Vancouver to sort this out. She also said that she had “learned her lesson” about getting the cheapest price for moving her items to the U.S. She told me that she had felt the movers had “ripped her off” and she asked what kind of moving company we were.

When she was done I told that Ferguson Moving and Storage would do everything that we could to help her. I asked her where the furniture was and she said it was being held in a Chinese food warehouse in Richmond. I then asked her how soon we could pick it up.

We made arrangements for the following Monday and our crew was at the warehouse in Richmond at 9am.  We brought the item back to our warehouse and after we weighed the shipment, I called her with the rates and delivery schedule for moving to Los Angeles from Vancouver. During this time Patricia was on the phone to her assisting with getting the documentation ready for a move crossing the border.  Unfortunately with the amount of money that she had already paid to the other company in advance she couldn’t afford to pay twice to move her belongings.  I told her that Ferguson Moving would do their best to find a way for her.

With the help of our inside sales coordinator Patricia, we spent the next two days in calling different logistic companies in trying to find a way to get our customers possessions to her.  After two days we were able to load her goods and the shipment left the next day.  She received her items the following week after 4 weeks of waiting for the other company to deliver her possessions and we were able to accomplish the same in a week and a half.  This underscores the value in choosing a reputable mover like Ferguson Moving and Storage and not going with the cheapest mover because if you think that you are getting a great deal then it’s possible it’s too good to be true.

Always choose an established, reputable mover who is willing to come to your home and put their rates in writing.

Get at least 2-3 in home moving estimates from different vancouver moving companies.


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