‘Best of HomeStars’ for the 5th time!

Thank you for helping us achieve “Best of HomeStars” as a Vancouver moving company for the 5th time!

This year, we are proud to announce that we’ve won “Best of 2017” on for the 5th time. We maintain a 9.6 / 10 average for reviews given of our moving company services. writes about their criteria for picking the “Best of” companies each year. We wanted to comment on how we aim to be the best Vancouver moving company in town, but not just on! This has been our aim since before people were leaving reviews on websites about us! We’ve had a lot of word-of-mouth compliments during our history too. However, to keep things simple, we’ll use the same criteria categories that uses:

Integrity: our Vancouver moving and storage company aims for honesty and fairness in all we do

One of the things we want to be known for in the moving and storage industry is being honest. As one of our reviewers wrote:

“Unlike so many other fly-by-night moving companies that charge by weight or time, Ferguson guarantees the written quote. And they are reasonable considering their services! When moving can be so stressful, Ferguson made it a happy and successful day!”

As many have experienced, and as the news often reports, there are a lot of scammy moving companies out there.

We’ve written about how to avoid moving scams on this blog before. Check out these articles:

We avoid most problems that many moving companies cause their customers to endure in the following ways:

  • We do an in-home visit before telling our moving customers what the price of their move will be. This makes the price point more accurate and avoids disputes later.

  • We give a binding quote – not an estimate. This means the price we tell you, is the price you are charged. We also do this in writing.

  • We offer insurance to protect you if anything does break during a move. It’s always a risk, and even if we try to avoid it, it can happen.

  • We take responsibility for our mistakes: if something breaks and it really is our fault, we’ll pay you for it (as a Kelowna customer testified). And if you feel our movers (who are employees, by the way), didn’t complete the job, we’ll come back to fix it. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. You can complain to us, and we’ll listen.

  • We aim to show up on time, and do our job as thoroughly as promised.

Customer service: our moving company goes above and beyond, because we want to be more than just honest and fair

In addition to the above, which you should expect from any moving company you hire, we aim to make our customers happy in the ‘extra’ ways we can. As one reviewer wrote:

“All movers were extremely hard working, and took the time to ensure everything was placed where I wanted, and not one item was damaged even in over a foot a snow. One member even shovelled a pathway in the snow to get entrance to the house Wow! Not many companies would have employees who would do that for their customers. I am so glad I had Ferguson Moving for this move, and didn’t look elsewhere, this team is amazing, and from careful packing of my items, to storage , to final move in, everything went perfect. Quinn even returns phone calls and emails quickly, and is great to deal with. Every mover also we good humoured and pleasant to deal with. Will be using again for next move.”

So sure, we could have just done the job we were paid to do. And nothing would have been wrong with that. We would have lived up to our promise. But we do feel it makes a difference to go the extra mile. If we didn’t, we’d be just like any other honest moving company out there. We want to be more.

You will also notice that we reply to almost every review given to us on And, when something sounds fishy, we give the reviewer the phone number of the president, to reach directly. Yes, that’s right – our president is not too busy to read your reviews, and he cares. Even when we get a bad review, we respond and ask for further follow up. We try to make it right. We hope to maintain that reputation and way of doing business for the rest of our history.

Even when it’s not our fault, we sometimes try to help our community when they’ve been ripped off by another moving company. See a story when we actively reached out to help a family who couldn’t access their belongings because another moving company went bankrupt:

Vancouver moving company offers to help reunite customers with their long lost belongings

Consistency: we treat all our customers with the same integrity and service, because they are our top advertisers

Reputation means a lot to us as a moving company – especially operating in an industry that can be so shady, if you know what we mean. Our company has been around since 1913, and has been in operation under its current ownership and expansion since 2001.

We were around during both World Wars. And we were around before there was the Internet! Like we said above, we have aimed for excellence since long before online reviews were a ‘thing’! Our word-of-mouth reputation has made us popular in our community. We have generations of families who know about us and continue to use our moving services.

That reputation comes from the integrity and customer service we aim for on a daily basis. Everyone we work with is treated well because we know that ultimately, our moving customers are our biggest advertisers.

Call Ferguson Moving & Storage in Vancouver BC

If you’re making a move in Canada and looking for an award winning ‘Best of 2017’ moving & storage company that you know you can trust, give Ferguson Moving and Storage a call at 604-922-2212 or request a quote online through our website!

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