Vancouver moving company offers to help reunite customers with their long lost belongings

Recently a Vancouver moving company went out of business very suddenly, with no forewarning to its customers. Yes, that means some ‘jobs’ were in progress and never got completed.

Due to this, people were left without their belongings for months. What makes matters more complicated is that this was an international moving company, so the people waiting for their items to be moved were in at least 9 different countries around the globe. Not only that, they were asked to take it upon their own expense to get their furniture out of storage before the company would be dissolved and their belongings gone forever.

Some upset customers brought this situation to Steel on Your Side and it was reported on the local news.

A Vancouver moving company stepping in to help out

When this situation was brought to the attention of Ferguson Moving we wanted to make it right.  Since Ferguson is an international moving company also located in Metro Vancouver, we were able to contacted Steel on Your Side to find out how we could help with this situation.

Here’s what we were able to do for these customers

Ferguson Moving was able to contact the overseas customers and offer to move their belongings for them at cost, with no additional moving fees. A typical international moving company usually charges moving fees on top of the cost to ship the items. Considering that the customers had already paid a company this amount, Ferguson Moving decided to pay it forward and use their resources and connections to get things sorted out swiftly for these poor folks. After all, we’re the experts, and it would have been easier for us to do it than for them to figure out the logistics again. It was the least we could do to help these people get reunited with their possessions.

How to avoid finding yourself in a similar situation by finding trustworthy Vancouver moving companies

This is an unfortunate situation, and hopefully you will never find yourself in a similar situation.

There are however some things that you should consider before hiring a moving company, to make sure your belongings will get to their new destination safely.

1) Read customer reviews online to make sure that other customers were satisfied with the services.

2) Ask for referrals! While it may be hard to predict a company going bankrupt, in general if someone else had a great experience with a company, you will too.

3) Look for stability – how long has this moving company been around? What is their reputation like? Sometimes paying a little extra to go with the more well-known and well-established services out there is worth it; you’ll stress less knowing you’re dealing with someone who is interested in doing a quality job, not someone who is trying to do a ‘cheap’ job.

4) Try to sign a binding contract that states that the company will only receive the payment if the job is fully completed.  This may not help in some bankruptcy situations, but still good to always have in place.

We recently wrote an article explaining more tips for finding a reliable moving company in Vancouver.

Vancouver Ferguson Moving Company cares about people and we always want to do everything we can to make the moving process less stressful (even for people who are not our customers).  We are always open to give moving advice and helpful tips about moving in Vancouver, as well as for cross country and international moves.  If you ever find yourself in a tough moving situation please contact us so we can assist you with your move in anyway we can.

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