The Word-of-Mouth Effect – Vancouver Moving Company Reviews

Whenever you need to spend money on a Vancouver moving service, it’s always a great idea to ask others what they have done and if they were happy with the results and looked after.

In the Vancouver moving service area, we rely a great deal on looking after our customers so they will want to refer us off to their friends and family. It’s never a good thing to rely only on new business. It’s best to look after the clients we already have so that we can find a good match for future business.

When you are searching for a professional Vancouver moving service, there are two main ways to find a good match for your upcoming move.

  • Ask friends and family who they have used and if they were completely satisfied with all aspects of the move. Also, find out if there was anything they wish had been done differently and make sure to address that with the initial phone calls that you make.
  • Secondly, ask movers if they have reviews from past clients. No moving company is able to satisfy 100% of their clients but you want to look for at least a 9 out of 10 with the movers that you are selecting from.

Vancouver Moving Company Reviews

At Ferguson Moving & Storage, we always ask clients to post reviews for others to see. With over 200 reviews online you will get a good sense of who we are and how we look after past clients. In the age of internet reviews, it’s best to look for common threads of compliments and complaints.

Our reviews ask questions like describe your move, how much was your move and on a score out of 10, how likely are you to use us again and how satisfied are you in terms of money spent for the services received.

In recent surveys on Ferguson Moving & Storage is a 9.7 out of 10 in overall satisfaction with 200 reviews posted by past clients.

We are proud of the compliments we receive online.

It’s really humbling to read the review that include things like

“You and your crew were professional, gentle, courteous and helpful in all ways” Ben G.

“Exactly what you would look for in a moving and storage company.” Jim L

“Great people, great service, great prices… On time, on budget… What else can anyone ask for?” Aghatai M

“The movers at Ferguson worked efficiently and were very friendly with me and each other.” Rick B.

“Ferguson moving was amazing, they were fast and efficient. I absolutely enjoyed working with them!” Donna W.

Moving companies need to understand that each move no matter if it’s a happy occasion or not, need to understand that each move comes with a lot of trauma to our clients. They are uprooting and stressed and saying goodbye to a way of life and many times their network of support

Every moving company should solicit feedback and never offer to pay for you to post a glowing review. If it’s sincere and honest, that’s is all that is needed.

Even with good word of mouth and good reviews, online us drugstore, your move is unique. Insist on a free in home visit and never reserve movers over the phone. Everything should be straight forward with no surprises.

Here’s a testimonial we received today about a piano move we did on the weekend!


The multiple piano moves went perfectly,

The two other families were very impressed with your guys and their work (future clients now).   The one lady is an Occupational Therapist, who works with Coastal Health, and she was impressed with how the guys were very careful and methodical in their work plan, and then communicated well throughout the move.


Nolan Heuchert, Director
Wylie-Crump Limited


Lorne MacInnes
Ferguson Moving & Storage


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