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Moving Container Program

Mayflower Canada’s do it yourself moving container program:

  • moving container
  • your exclusive rent a container
  • 3 container sizes available for you
  • Attach your own padlock for protection
  • Professional Drivers deliver to you
  • Guaranteed Delivery Dates for your convenience
  • less cost than one way truck rental

Save time and money with this exciting new moving container program. Request your free quote for a moving storage container today to get started.

When you’re moving across Canada, the most economical way isn’t to rent a truck. Going across Canada and driving a big rental truck can be dangerous for the untrained truckers out there. Leave the driving to the certified professionals. Container moving allows you and your family to travel safely together in you own car and enjoy the transitions to your new home. The next time your moving, check out the affordable option or a container that is less than a one way truck rental.

Using container storage: what it is and how it’s better than ‘regular’ storage

When it’s time to sell your home and move, you have many options. You can pack your things in boxes and let them pile up in your home as buyers come over to look at….well, nothing but your mess. You can de-clutter and pack everything away into monthly storage units, only to come back for it all and load it onto a truck when the house is finally sold. Or, you can use moveable, transportable container storage.

Here is how it works: a container, storage and moving company will drop off a giant steel box at your home. It isn’t damp and gross inside, and it wasn’t used to ship car parts over from another part of the world. These containers are specially built for your household belongings.

The moveable storage box can sit on your property as you pack it up, taking the time that you need. Sometimes the container provider will have a time limit after they drop it off, but usually the protocol is to schedule a drop off and pick up.

When the container is full, the container mover comes by to pick it up and transport it to a special, heated and controlled storage facility. The facility is monitored, secure, insured and pest free. Note that since your belongings are inside your container, your belongings are not being packed against other people’s stuff.

When it’s time to pick up your things, you call the Ferguson Moving and Storage container storage company to schedule a delivery. This is particularly useful for cross-country moves or as an alternative to having to rent a truck twice (for both drop off and pick up of your belongings at a permanent storage unit), or getting an inexperienced family member to drive a large vehicle long distances.

The container box arrives at your new home, and is placed there for ample amount of time to allow for unloading. When you’ve emptied it out, it gets taken back by the company, and off your hands. You don’t have to drive it back to its depot and arrange for a ride home. It’s just picked up, worry free.

Containers like this are also useful for non-movers. Let’s say you’re renovating your home. Where are you going to put all your things? Why not leave them on your property in a locked up container? You’ll have easy access to belongings and they won’t be in the way of your remodeling.

Perks to look for in a good moving and container storage company are:

  • Ability to access your belongings while in storage without an additional fee.
  • Load balancing features to reduce the risk of breakage while being transported.
  • Large sizes, big enough to fit a couch or large table. Many companies only offer small sized boxes that aren’t big enough for your large furniture items.
  • Being a member of a third-party consumer organization, such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
  • Offering or providing insurance if you don’t have any.

Keeping the above in mind, also remember that when you’re using a container, you will want to strategically pack it so that you can fit in as many things as possible. Put in the large items first, and find holes for the smaller boxes. Also, make sure you don’t pack up your passport or something important that may be hard to access while the container is tucked away in storage!

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