Moving to Metro Vancouver: 5 great reasons to move to a suburb in the Metro Vancouver area

Moving to Metro Vancouver

The city of Vancouver is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and a very desirable location to move to. But also consider moving to Metro Vancouver as there are many beautiful suburbs around Vancouver that make up Metro Vancouver, or Greater Vancouver (also known as the Lower Mainland).

At Ferguson Moving and Storage we see a lot of international movers as well as locals move to RichmondSouth SurreyLangleyCoquitlam and many other wonderful Greater Vancouver suburbs. So, is moving to a suburbs for you?

Here are 5 features of suburban living that might make you consider moving to one of Vancouver’s great suburbs!

1. Be close to the big city, but get a break from the craziness of downtown

Moving to Vancouver can be exciting as it’s a breathtaking urban city, but sometimes all the hustle and bustle can get to be a bit overwhelming. Suburban living is nice because you can work and play in Vancouver, but come home to your quiet street to take, relax and get a good night’s sleep. The skytrain and bus also connects the majority of Metro Vancouver, so whenever you do want to go into Vancouver, it is very accessible and you don’t even have to drive.

2. More space when you move to a Vancouver suburb!

Another wonderful thing about suburban living is that, not only are many of the houses bigger, but so are the yards. In general, there is much more space in the suburbs and everything is a bit more spread out. This is what allows houses to have larger backyards, which opens up possibilities of pools and gardens, while still leaving lots of space for kids and pets to run around. Aside from your own property, there is also a lot more space to enjoy the outdoors in the abundance of parks and trails in the neighbourhoods.

3. More affordable real estate in the Vancouver suburbs

Although this one’s kind of obvious, house prices are a serious pull factor of suburban living! You get all these awesome features when you move to a Vancovuer suburb, and it’s cheaper.

4. Great for families

Moving to Metro Vancouver is a great idea for raising a family. With the extra space, kids have more freedom to run around and play. And of course, it’s nice to be able to let your kids go out to play street hockey in the neighbourhood or let your teens go to the mall alone without worrying too much about their safety.

There is also much more of a community feel in many of the Vancouver suburbs, rather than being business oriented like much of the downtown area. There are more schools and community centres, as well as more families in general, not like downtown Vancouver where it is mostly young working professionals.

And since you can get a bigger home for less, there is a lot more space to raise your growing family! With the extra space in your yard, the possibilities are endless: big garage, garden, swimming pool, shed, or even just extra storage.

5. Great communities that suit you

Even if you don’t have any kids following you around, the suburbs are a very pleasurable place to live. You can take advantage of the unique communities and amenities nearby, get to know your neighbours, and explore the outdoors.

The suburbs tend to have even more large parks and trails near forests and lakes, which opens up a wide range of possibilities. Try taking up gardening, or take a refreshing walk every morning through a nearby park and enjoy the vibrant greenery. Many suburbs also have several community centres with programs for people of all ages. Especially at the smaller centres (like Steveston Community Centre for example), there is a wonderful sense of community, with instructors and other facility users who know you by name.

Whether you are moving to Steveston, Port Moody, or White Rock, suburban living in Greater Vancouver can be great for people of all ages, and comes along with more space, freedom, and sense of community. It is the perfect place to raise a family or to meet new people if you are living on your own.

Whatever your situation, come give one of the beautiful Vancouver suburbs a try! For more quality moving tips like these, follow our Vancouver Moving Tips blog posts!

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