Pets & Relocation Moving in Vancouver

Moving in Vancouver with pets: how to care for your pets during and after moving to a new home

Pets are similar to kids in some ways when we are talking about moving. Sometimes, a move may shock them, because they are being uprooted from their familiar territory without any choice. Because of the insecurity and the feeling that they are no longer in control, you may begin to notice some difficult behavioural problems in the transitional period before and after moving. Dogs may begin to pace more, bark loudly, or may unexpectedly urinate or shed. Cats may become very clingy, kneading often, or may just want to hide all the time. This may be a normal part of the transition, but a lot of love and attention can help with that. In this article, we want to talk about how to care for your pets during the moving process.

Preparing for your move in Metro Vancouver with your pets

Do you need a new vet before moving?

If you are moving quite a distance away into another city, there are some additional things to consider. Does your pet have a vet or have medical insurance? Depending on where you are moving, you may want to find another vet or another insurance provider.

Don’t know where to look? Your current vet may be able to help you out. They may have recommendations of a vet near where you will be moving to. Let your vet know well ahead of time that you will be moving, even if you are just moving within Metro Vancouver. This will give them time to prepare any records and prescribe medicine to take with you to your new city.

Does your pet need time to get comfortable with the idea of moving?

If you are moving within Metro Vancouver, it is a little easier to prepare your pets mentally. Begin to introduce a new routine some weeks before your move. If at all possible, begin to take walks with dogs in the new neighbourhood. As this becomes familiar to them, you can slowly introduce them to other part of the neighbourhood, like the nearby park and trails.

Right before moving day, prepare a small moving kit for your pet. Put a few days worth of pet food, grooming supplies, their favourite toys, and treats in the kit. This will be helpful for you to not have to worry about unpacking and finding these essential items right away.

What to do with your pets on moving day

Pets do not have to endure the chaos of the actual moving day. As great as it sounds, involving your pets in everything you do may not be a good idea here. It may be better to keep them away from the moving chaos. Keeping them at a friend’s house is a good idea, since they will still get the love and attention they need, while being away from the messy moving process.

Transitioning your pets into your new home in Metro Vancouver

It may be somewhat tempting to let your cat or dog loose and allow them to roam around the house right from the beginning. This actually may overwhelm more than help them. Set up your new home as much as possible before introducing your pets to it. If there is not enough time, try your best to set up at least one room. This can be their ‘home base’ where they feel most comfortable.

Remember that different pets have different needs. For example, cats need vertical space. It gives them a sense of security when they have a high vantage point to survey the area. Setting up some climbing space for them immediately will be essential to relieve their stress when moving. Try to set up their space similar to the old house and allow them to explore the room. As they become more comfortable, you can begin to let them into other parts of the house.

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