Moving Cooking Appliances: How to Move an Oven Range

Before you move in Vancouver, you should consider is what larger items you will be taking with you, as this will affect your moving process. In particular, what cooking appliances will you want to take with you to your new home? Often times, cooking appliances can be sold with the house. But in certain circumstances you may want to bring them with you. For example, if your new home doesn’t have an oven or if you have just recently purchased one, it may be in your best interest to move yours with you. In this case, follow these 5 simple steps on how to move an oven along during your Vancouver move!

Clean your oven thoroughly before the big move.

Before you begin your Vancouver move, make sure you clean your oven. This will make the unhooking and reinstalling process much more pleasant. If you have some oven cleaner on hand, definitely use that. Otherwise, you can use a half vinegar and half water mix, says wikiHow. And of course, don’t forget to clean your oven racks with lots of hot soapy water.

Another tip is to clean the floor around the oven too. Popular Mechanics points out that “a dirty floor is a damaged floor.” Once you start moving your oven, dirt could easily get stuck underneath and scratch the floor. So make sure that both your oven and floor are sparkling clean!

Unhook your oven properly.

Unhooking your electric stove while moving in Vancouver is usually fairly straightforward, as it simply entails removing any pieces attaching it to the wall and unplugging it, according to However, a gas stove can be a bit trickier and may require a professional’s help. Your best bet is to read your user manual, or look up instructions for your oven’s specific make and model online before you do any unhooking yourself.

Once your oven in unhooked, you also need to detach it from the wall. This step is especially important to pay attention to if you have flooring that is easily scratched, like vinyl or laminate. Homeguides shares that if you lift up the oven and slide planks like laminate under the feet, it will be much easier to move away from the wall. The Popular Mechanics article above suggests plywood. This will also help to avoid scratching kitchen floors during your Vancouver move. A dolly will also come in handy in this step, and the next ones.

Remove and keep safe any loose pieces, such as burners on your stovetop, or loose knobs.

Transport your oven safely while moving house in Vancouver.

Once your oven is unhooked and away from the wall, prepare it for transport by wrapping it up securely. Bubble wrap is a good idea for any delicate part, like a glass window. Otherwise, furniture blankets should do the trick to keep your oven safe while you move.

Store your oven range carefully before moving to a new Vancouver home.

Sometimes it may take a while before you get the chance to set up your new kitchen, depending on renovations or your moving timeline. If you are not able to hook your oven up right away, make sure you store it in a safe place. This means that you do not want to keep your oven in a spot with delicate flooring that could potentially get scratched, or in an area with a lot of moving activity going on where your oven may get bumped. Keep your oven wrapped up until your move is fully completed and you are ready to set everything up again in its new spot.

After your Vancouver moving day, set up your range.

Although there are many sites online showing you step by step how to install an oven (like this one), your best bet is to contact a professional. You want your Vancouver move to run nice and smoothly, so your oven installation should be done perfectly to avoid any electric or gas connection mishaps. Have a professional help you to make sure everything is done properly and up to standard.

Once your oven is set up in your new home, you are good to go! And remember, you don’t want to take chances when moving expensive kitchen appliances. So be sure to have professional Vancouver movers help you with your move.

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