Advice from a cross-country Canadian moving company on Quebec moving day

Advice from a crosscountry Canadian moving company on business promotion during Quebec’s moving day

If you haven’t heard, thousands of Quebecois residents had to move on July 1, while the rest of the country was celebrating Canada Day. As a crosscountry Canadian moving company, we couldn’t help but notice, and get excited, about the efforts of 3M to help people out on a mass-moving day like that in Quebec.

Here are a couple links to read more about the story:

While we applaud 3M for their efforts to pay-it-forward for Quebec movers, we thought it would also be valuable to give some tips to other companies who want to do some promotional work on moving days.

If you are outside Quebec, keep in mind that in other provinces, people will most likely move at the beginning and end of months, so you can apply these principles to your own location too.

Keep safety in mind: don’t try to help Canadian movers if you’re not trained to do so

You will notice in the articles linked to above, when 3M jumped in to help Canadian movers, it wasn’t by heavy lifting (that we know of). It was more on the side of offering refreshments, and being a friendly face on that day.

Moving can be dangerous business: not just for humans, but also for the artifacts being moved.

The last thing you want as a company is to have an employee injured on the job, or injuring others while moving.

And also, you don’t want your company ruining people’s furniture or houses while moving.

Our advice is to keep a safe distance from doing the moving yourself, and make sure you have insurance to cover yourself and your employees on moving day.

Idea: partner with a local moving company for your promotion

A great idea would be to partner up with a local moving company that can help you carry out a cross-promotional effort. Not only can the professional movers handle the work that takes training to do safely, they can also co-share the effort of promotion with you.

Any company can help on moving day for exposure and promotion

You’ll also notice that 3M isn’t a moving company, and may not have a vested interest in attracting the likes of regular ol’ movers. Or that’s what you’d think. But think again – they were reaching out to local Canadians. 3M sells a myriad of products, and sure, some of that may be tape (including the Scotch brand), which you could probably relate to moving (forpacking boxes). But that’s not the point. The point is, they got out in their community and offered a lending hand. That’s a surer way of staying on people’s minds than by just offering tape (which we didn’t see reported as something they did, by the way).

So think of it this way:

  • If you have a restaurant or catering company, you could get into your community by offering snacks on moving day.
  • If you have a sports equipment or work wear company, you can remind people that you offer gear for strenuous activity by bringing along some gloves, bungee cords or knee pads, or whatever can help a mover.
  • If you have a specialty soap company, you can offer small care packages for the first night in a new home. What a great way to get people to smell your delicious products and get hooked on them.
  • If you have a recycling company, come by with a large canister to take away people’s recyclables, and remind them that you care about the environment, and they should too!
  • If you are a charity that sells or gives away used items, moving day is a great day to stop by people’s homes to pick up their donations. You’ll do them, and yourself a favour.
  • If you have a local daycare, show up in your neighbourhood with kid-friendly entertainment, like clowns, balloons, etc. so parents know you are right around the corner should they need your services. Be sure not to take the kids away though, which will add more stress to parents on moving day. Instead, bring the fun to them.

And the list goes on.

When you have altruistic motives, and are there to help tired and frustrated people first and foremost, you will leave an impression on them. They can remember you by the kindness of your brand. As a business, you want people to think fondly of your brand. Helping on moving day is a great way to do that.

Now, of course you are a business, and if promotion is your goal, don’t forget to send our press releases in advance of moving day so the media knows to come out and cover your efforts. Tweet it, and post it on Facebook (making sure to get permission from people for taking photographs or videos).

That brings us to our next point..

Branding, branding, branding on moving day!

Keep in mind that if this effort is going to help you promote your business while you help Canadian movers, you need to make sure you’re taking good advantage of your opportunity to brand your company.

Try to make sure that your employees are wearing your company uniform, or at least wearing your company’s brand colours. This will be a visual reminder for people that X companycame to help, and not just random people who work at a mysterious office somewhere.

If possible, slap your logo on the items you’re giving away too. Even if it’s just the bag or container holding the things you’re giving.

Try to arrive in branded vehicles. Post signs if doable (though we realize this is the type of promotion that will keep you on the move, and not stationed in one place).

To conclude: moving day is a great day for company promotion, and company morale

While you will need to consider safety and logistics for your moving day promotional activity, it can be worth the effort. You’ll not only be branding and promoting your business. You’ll be allowing your employees to feel a sense of community spirit, so they know they’re working for a great company. You’ll also have fun along the way. Moving is only stressful if you let it be!

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