How to make moving a hasslefree activity

How to make a hassel free move

Out of all of life’s most stressful things you have to do by far moving to another place is one of the most stressful. I recall over a year ago when we had to move, I must say, that it was one of the most tiring experiences in my entire life, because there was so much to do I didn’t know where to begin.

We had to move everything all of our stuff, the cars, and arranging practically everything for our new destination. However, that entire experience would have been much more hassle if we did not use a hired a professional moving company. These days, there are moving companies everywhere that offer moving services which will lessen your burden, time and energy. Most of these companies, are willing to help you in every way possible.

One of the most un-enjoyable things when I have to move, as all of the packing and unpacking. This is very stressful even from working together with your family to accomplish this goal.

What I found is that I was rushing through all of our belongings and quickly throwing away things I felt we no longer needed. However, my wife would find things she hadn’t seen in years such as an old photograph and would reminisce about the day that photograph was taken. Even though I wanted to enjoy the moment of experiencing that photograph, a certain part of me became frustrated that the sorting process was grinding to a halt.

My wife and I discussed that we might be moving to a new house because the one that we currently live in is quite small. When we originally moved into the house it seemed quite large, however when you add three children to the house and they don’t stop growing the house becomes very small, very fast!

It is already been a couple of months since we’ve moved and I am so glad that while we were packing our own belongings, my wife and I began to argue. It’s not that I like to argue with my wife, however it did cause us to look at other options instead of moving ourselves.

We began to ask around to people that we knew who had moved and we talked to our real estate agent as well. We discovered that the only thing that could make this move go smooth and simple was to contact companies like Ferguson moving and storage, they are Vancouver movers who are there to help everyone move whether it be residential or commercial moves.

I kept having to go and pick up boxes but their location was so close to my house only about 10 minutes from downtown Vancouver that I could go several times and the staff was always so willing to accommodate me. I must have drove them nuts because we changed the move date three or four times and every time I went in to pick up boxes I had many questions but they put up with me and answered all of them.

We actually started planning the move long time before we moved and we had looked at movers far in advance. Our move was scheduled for March and we started getting estimates submitted and making phone calls as far back as December the reason that we decided to move ourselves was to try and save a buck, but after our disagreements money was no longer did determining factor, our marriage was.

On move day I was so amazed at the speed of Ferguson moving and storage the movers themselves were so easy-going and professional. The supervisor of the move explained all the details to me about how the move would go, what items would need to go first etc.

All of our beds had to be dismantled and all of our furniture was blanket wrapped in shrink-wrapped in the house right before our eyes. I even had some furniture that I wasn’t sure how to turn how to take apart, but the movers had complete toolboxes and lucky for me that particular crew had dealt with my type of furniture before.

In case you’re also out there thinking that you’re just going to move yourself, you should take a realistic look at what move day will actually be like. Do you want to be angry all day? If not I highly recommend avoiding procrastination, and spending a few hours reviewing movers, and selecting the one that most suits your needs.

E. Smith

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