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Special Products Moving

Ferguson Moving and Storage and Mayflower Van Lines – Special Products Division moves special products in Canada.

Do you need to move either New Products or Trade Shows?

• We move Furniture, Final mile services, machines, hospital fixtures, store fixtures, containerized freight and much much more. We handle the loading, transportation and unloading. Or you can simply ship to us and we’ll unload, store, pick and deliver your special products.

• New Products
We also transport new products, dock to dock, anywhere in North America. Ferguson deals with everything including office equipment, furniture, labs,  electronics items, store fixtures, f&e plus general commodities. Is your shipment is boxed, pad-wrapped crated or palletized? Leave your special products in our hands and put your mind at ease. We carry the experience, expertise  and have the right equipment to handle the move.

Ferguson Moving and Storage will schedule your delivery with your consignee and make sure that dock time is ready at exactly the right time.


Freight Containers:



When dealing with transporting exhibits, the question of whether to containerize or not to containerize your shipment is one you will most likely find yourself asking. Make sure you know the answers to these questions before making a final decision:

How often will you be using the exhibit?

If your exhibit travels from show to show, you should consider using crates. If, however, your exhibit only goes out once or twice a year, it may not be worth the extra cost to have it containerized.

Will the exhibit be placed in storage for any length of time?

If the answer is yes, containerizing the exhibit might be best. If un-crated, your exhibit can get dirty, or worse, end up with missing or lost parts.

How do I protect my exhibit if it’s not containerized?

We are experienced in handling and transporting valuable exhibits and provide pad wrapping for non containerized shipments. Although the rate to move a pad wrapped exhibit is higher than one that is containerized, you can often get the exhibit into less van space, and the erection and dismantling normally goes faster when the shipment is not containerized. Delays in dismantling by waiting for the containers to come back from storage at close of show are also eliminated. The end result? You save time, and we all know that time is money.

Be sure to weigh all of your options before deciding on the best way to transport your exhibit. Work closely with your van line and exhibit builder. Both can give you important suggestions on what is best – to containerize or not to containerize.

Fine Arts:

Shipping fine arts requires our TEAM approach. Each team consists of two drivers. When a driver arrives to load your priceless artwork, you want a professional who knows how to handle it. Our drivers handle shipments in a careful, skilled manner.

Double Team
With two drivers, you have extra security for your precious cargo. There is always someone with the truck. The truck is never left unattended.

Courier Service
When requested, we offer courier service.

Additional Services
Through our affiliates within the fine arts community, we can arrange for and provide:
• Dispersals
• Consolidations
• Complete Tours
• Crating
• Installation
• Packing
• National climate-controlled storage

Traveling Exhibition Service

We provide full travelling exhibition services, including planning, dates, times, extra drivers, consultation on transit times and more. By handling logistics, we can help save you money and provide smooth transportation.

Store Fixtures:

Premiere Van Lines, along with its affiliate Atlas Van Lines, has a team of drivers, trailers, and operations personnel dedicated to the shipment of store fixtures. We handle new restaurants and stores, malls and department stores. Any type of ground delivery we do it FAST.

What we do


• Spot trailers – We have excess trailers we can spot in your trucking yard. That way, you can load at your convenience. When the load is ready, call us. We will pick up the shipment and drop another empty trailer to replace it.
• Store rollouts.
• Multiple stop rollouts.
• Single display at multiple locations.
• Entire store.
• Timed deliveries.
• Driver assistance with minimal cost.

For your Special Products Moving needs, please Contact Us.

We will be pleased to arrange a no cost, no obligation consultation.

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