6 Steps To Hire The Best Moving Company in Vancouver

If you’re done with moving yourself, it’s time to hire a Vancouver moving company to do the heavy lifting for you.

Professional movers will alleviate the hard work and do a great job for you, but only if they are supported by the best moving company in Vancouver.

Hiring the best moving company in Vancouver will take some effort, but far less than you may think

Use this six stage list to locate a great moving company near you.

1. Don’t accept pricing over the phone.

When picking movers it’s tempting to go with the cheapest hourly price over the phone.

Resist the temptation to say yes. They could be scam operators.

If a mover is going to tell you what you want to hear, they may be losing money on every sale. So they will arm wrestle you on move day with things like stair charges, heavy item fees, fuel surcharges, travel time fees and moving supplies expense.

2. Do some online investigating.

Read positive and negative reviews and look for patterns. Every moving company will have damages because furniture was never built to be moved and accidents happen. But how does the company respond? Do they accept liability and try to make sure the client is looked after? Or do they blame the client? Also, many reviews are fakes posted by competitors or company managers themselves. Be skeptical.

Inspect the mover’s complaint history, as well as their standing with the Better Business Bureau. Check to see if they are a certified movers with the Canadian Association of Movers as well.

3. Ask for licensing & insurance

Whether you are moving across town or across the country, your mover should be insured and licensed. They should also be able to show you a certificate to prove it.

The movers themselves should be protected by WCB in case of personal injury at your house. Otherwise you could be held liable. You can check for free online at

4. Get several in home estimates.

In home estimates are free to you and an investment of time and money for the moving company. The best movers always want to come out to make sure you are looked after for your move. They need to look at parking, access, obstacles, what is needing to be moved and take time to meet with you to find out what your goals are.

If a moving company is unwilling to meet you in person, then cross them off of your list. Movers that give quotes over the phone often underestimate to get the job and will wrestle with you later to charge more money and blame you for omitting facts about the move.

Make sure your move is in writing and ask for a binding quote. This means you have a flat price that will not change. If you choose hourly then you will not know the exact cost until the move is complete and that can cause stress on move day.

5. Don’t accept hidden charges.

Tell the moving company about everything you are doing. Don’t forget the attic, crawls space, items in a storage facility or things you loaned to your neighbor that will be moving.

Once you are confident you have shared everything, demand to know if there are any additional fees. If not, make sure it’s in writing.

6. Ask questions about the contract.

Look at the terms and conditions of your contract. Are they spelled out clearly? Is it in plain language or is it full of legalized jargon? If you have any questions, ask. If the moving company says a particular terms is there but not used, have them cross it off and initialed.

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