10 moving tips for packing framed photographs and paintings

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Moving tips for moving artwork, framed photographs, and paintings

At Ferguson Moving we share a lot of great packing tips, today we look at moving delicate art work. If you’re moving artwork along with your home, here’s some advisable tips to help you pack and keep your investments secure.

1. Bubble wrap is your best friend when packing for a move.

When packing up fragile paintings and photographs, bubble wrap is the best thing you can use to protect them. Wrap as many layers as you need to be sure that nothing will be able to harm your favorite artwork.

2. Make an X to keep everything in place!

If there is glass overtop of your painting or photograph, make an “X” with masking tape so that if the glass does break, it won’t go everywhere and damage the artwork. You can also cover the glass with cardboard for the same purpose.

3. No glass? Use glassine!

If there is no glass, cover the painting with a piece of glassine to protect it before wrapping it in bubble wrap. This can be purchased at your local art store.

4. Make sure you use the right sized box!

Choose a box a bit larger than your painting, but make sure it is in snug before you seal it up. Use bubble wrap and newspaper to ensure that the painting won’t move around in the box.

5. Mark as fragile, and specify what’s inside!

This will make it clear to your Vancouver movers exactly what they are moving and if there is a certain way they should handle it, or where in the truck it should go.

6. Know where to put your artwork in the moving truck

If you are moving within Vancouver yourself, be sure to place the painting on its side in the truck. If you go with a professional Vancouver moving company, they will know to do this already.

7. Be extra careful for long distance moves from Vancouver!

If you are moving a long distance, make sure you go with a Vancouver moving company that specializes in moving artwork to ensure that your paintings and special framed photographs will not get damaged. Shipping artwork in crates or by air is the best idea for long distance moves to minimize the possibility of damage.

The main thing is that you want your paintings to be moved in as little time as possible, but also as safely as possible. So it is best to consult a professional to figure out what method is best for you!

8. If unsure, move it yourself

If you are moving locally in Vancouver and don’t have too many paintings, you may feel more at peace moving them yourself. A professional moving company will know how to move your paintings and photographs safely, but if you have one very sentimental piece of hanging art, there is nothing wrong with taking it in your car to your new home! Whatever gives you peace of mind is the way to go.

9. Double box canvases

For canvas paintings, wrap them in bubble wrap just like any other painting but also put a second box overtop of the first one. This will help prevent the canvas from getting punctured.

10. For large flat paintings, use a telescopic box.

Telescopic boxes, also known as picture cartons, are 2 boxes that fit inside each other, and can be very useful for larger paintings or canvases. For very large paintings, you may even want to use a bike box.

As always, please use our moving checklist to help keep organized and on track  for your move.

Call or order online for your free estimate to find out how much it will cost to store or move your artwork in Vancouver or abroad.


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