Best Cyclist Commuter Cities in Metro Vancouver

Are you a cyclist commuter looking to move within Metro Vancouver?

Cycling is quickly becoming a transportation goal in the Metro Vancouver area, with the hopes that 50% of commutes will be made without a car by 2020. The City of Vancouver realizes and encourages this ‘green’ way of commuting (not to mention, it saves you on gas money and gets your daily exercise in!). The city is even planning to launch a public bike share system for temporary uses of bikes.

As with any city, there are ideal parts of town to live in when it comes to being commuter-friendly as a cyclist. Which Metro Vancouver neighbourhood should you move into if you want to commute by bike?

Moving into a city in Metro Vancouver with the best landscape for biking

An average bike commuter would prefer to be on flat land (unless cycling is meant for training as a sport). If you are commuting within a city, the most ideal cities topographically would be Richmond, Delta, and Pitt Meadows. Parts of Surrey, Langley, Vancouver, and Coquitlam are also fairly flat. West Vancouver, North Vancouver, and Burnaby are among the most mountainous cities within Metro Vancouver.

Moving into a city in Metro Vancouver with the most bike lanes

Another consideration when you are looking into a bike-friendly city is safety. Bike lanes are very important. The safest bike lanes are those that are segregated from traffic. There are various maps with routes marked on them to allow you to plan your trip accordingly. According to these maps, moving into Vancouver and Burnaby will be most bike-friendly. They have the most bike lanes. Specifically, the Downtown Vancouver and the West End have the best infrastructures because of their segregated bike lanes.

Moving into a city in Metro Vancouver with public transit in mind

If you are moving into a city outside of where you work or go to school, it is wise to look into public transit. There are bike racks equipped on each bus operated by Translink. There is no additional cost to put yourbike on the bus, but it is important to note that the maximum number of bikes a bus bike rack can take is two. If they are all full, then you will have to wait for the next bus. The SkyTrain has a maximum capacity of two bikes per car on the Expo and the Millenium line, and one bike per car for the Canada line. Depending on the direction of travel however, there are bike restrictions during rush hour on the Expo and Millenium line.

Vancouver neighbourhoods with the most bike-commuters

According to the 2006 and 2011 Census, Vancouver and Richmond have the highest percentage of people biking to work. In Vancouver, the Grandview-Woodland, Strathcona, and Mount Pleasant communities had the highest percentage of people biking to work. Following close behind are Kitsilano, South Cambie, and Riley Park. It is interesting to note that five of these six neighbourhoods are right next to each other. This must mean that considering all variability, more people who have moved into these Vancouver neighbourhoods find biking to be the most convenient.

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