Coquitlam movers explore portable appliances for downsizing or small-space living

Portable appliances for small-space living

We’re a professional moving company serving Coquitlam and its surrounding areas. Having moved families from large homes to small ones, and visa versa, we’ve seen a lot when it comes to changing your appliances and furniture to meet the needs of your new space. Small-space living after moving in Coquitlam or elsewhere involves a change in lifestyle. By that we mean, taking up less space to store things and do things. You may also find yourself washing in smaller batches, or doubling up the purpose of some of your furniture or spaces.

In this article, as Coquitlam movers, we’re going to explore small, portable appliances for downsizing or small-space living. This can mean empty nesters moving to a smaller apartment, or young people living in a tiny house or loft-style space.

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Coquitlam movers discover the portable clothes washing machine

A portable clothes washing machine is a neat invention for movers in Coquitlam. It can be a cheaper alternative to:

  • Hand-washing clothes

  • Visiting a laundry mat

  • Sharing a washer with other renters or users

They are an amazing solution when it comes to downsizing or moving to a tiny home or trailer too.

They can be bought for $260 to $450 or so (of course, this is just an estimate – the style, brand, size, quality and so on will affect your budget for a portable washer).

While that is sometimes similar to buying a cheaper model top-load washing machine, there is something unique about these small apartment-size washers that make them more flexible: avoiding the need for special plumbing installation. When you are moving in Coquitlam to a small, pre-made space that isn’t renovated to your specifications, this can be a great ‘pro’ instead of a ‘con.’

An ideal portable washing machine will be on wheels, so you can roll it near a sink. Then, it has a special hose that attaches to a faucet, which becomes its water source. Sometimes you can use the tap as your temperature control too.

The downside is that some of these washing machines for moving to small spaces can’t take large loads. You may not be able to wash a full sheet set in one load forinstance. However, running smaller batches more often can be a time saver if you’re not fond of visiting the laundry mat (especially in Coquitlam’s rainy weather!). And, they’re great for special cases where you don’t want to share a machine, like for baby clothes or cleaning rags. Or, they can be used for quick-need washes that you are going to hang dry anyway, like hand-washables.

Coquitlam movers discover the portable countertop dishwasher

The other neat small appliance that can be great for Coquitlam movers who are downsizing is the countertop dishwasher. Yes, it’s a dishwasher without the need for a professional installation or kitchen renovation. And like the portable washing machine, it also hooks up to water supply through a faucet.

Some older kitchens, or small apartments in Coquitlam simply can’t afford the space needed for a typical-sized dishwasher (even an apartment-sized one). So, if you don’t have the cabinet space, but do have the countertop space, you can use a countertop dishwasher!

These can also be bought for $250 – $300 or so (again, estimates are styles and brands dependent)

Coquitlam movers discuss other commonly known compact appliances

Now, aside from the portable washing machine or countertop dishwasher, Coquitlam movers have seen their fair share of other compact appliances that are known forbeing portable. They are also usually common for RV-ers. These may be useful for you when downsizing, however, sometimes they can also be just an added luxury when you do have more space. These can include:

  • Wine coolers

  • Small fridges and freezers

  • Humidifiers and dehumidifiers

  • Window air conditioners

  • Ice makers

  • Keg coolers

Since these are not necessarily essentials for small-space moving, you may want to think twice about purchasing them, when moving for downsizing. Downsizing ormoving into a small space can mean getting rid of stuff, not acquiring non-essentials. So you may need to be willing to keep your wine in the fridge, or not buying so much at a time when it comes to frozen foods. The air conditioner could work if you have a big enough window for the size you purchase. And surely, if it’s for your comfort, humidifiers and dehumidifiers may be something you need to make space for when moving. That’s ok. We’re just saying to think twice before acquiring appliances just because they’re small.

Coquitlam movers give advice for buying portable appliances when downsizing

As we’ve discovered, there can be some complaints when buying these small, apartment-size or trailer-size portable appliances. Especially if they are new to you as a result of a recent move into a new home.

It’s important to take a look at the reviews of a product. Customers can complain of leaks, for example. Not only that, you’ll want to ensure you pick an energy-efficient machine, so as not to spoil your electricity or water bills (as with all appliance purchases, not just small ones). Although, these appliances are so small, their operating costs may not be a deal breaker for you. Sometimes their labels may give you an estimated yearly cost of operation, which you can take into account before or after you move.

Keep your warranty paperwork, and check for a return policy on these small size appliances (being sure not to lose them on moving day). You will want to run some tests to find out if the appliance is worth it for you. For some, the wash frequencies due to small sizes, for example, would be so frequent, it may not be worth the time and effort. But if you are truly moving for the purpose of downsizing, there are probably less of you in the home anyway. That can make less mess!

If you need help with your Coquitlam move, be sure to give us a call! We’ve helped folks downsize before, and can also help you if you need to donate furniture you don’t need anymore.

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