Coquitlam Movers on Setting Heat Sources After Move

Coquitlam movers on setting up alternative heat sources when you move

After your Coquitlam move, it is time to start making your new house as homey as possible. One practical thing to consider is how you will be heating your new home. This will make a big difference in the comfort level of your home, especially in the winter! But before you jump on a standard gas or water heating option, try checking out these alternatives. By trying out one of these alternative heat sources in your new home, you have the potential to help the environment and your wallet at the same time.

Introduce infrared heat before or after Coquitlam movers come to your new home

Infrared heaters are a cool way to keep you warm in your new home because they work kind of like the sun. Just as the sun warms you up with its light, infrared heaters cause your skin and clothes to absorb light and make you nice and warm. Depending on how you want to heat your house, you can either introduce infrared heat into your home before or after movers in Coquitlam come and go. If you are wanting to heat a smaller room or just want to test the waters of alternative heating, you can purchase a standalone infrared heater for a single room. Or, if you want to invest in heating your whole home this way, you can always go to a professional before youmove in to install wall mounted panels or flooring using infrared technology.

Consider geothermal heat before movers in Coquitlam help you get settled

Before Coquitlam movers help you move into your dream home, check to see if a geothermal heating system fits in with those ‘dreams.’ According to The Greenest Dollar, not only is it extremely environmentally friendly, but it is also good at delivering consistent heat temperatures, and can double up as an air conditioner. And, while it does have a steep installation cost of $7,000 to $15,000, it will pay for itself in a relatively short period considering its initial investment. This is a great option to consider if you want a heating system that is efficient. And you can be assured that it will lessen your environmental impact, as it uses heat from the earth to heat your new home, without any fossil fuels or harmful emissions.

Coquitlam movers may recommend solar heating as an easy DIY

If you are looking for a cheap, DIY heating option for your new home, consider building your own solar heater after your Coquitlam movers help you get settled in. Solar heating is great because aside from the cost of building materials, it is a free source of heat. There are plenty of resources online to help you in designing your own solar heater, but here are two examples to get you started, from Mother Earth News:

Also, check out some tips from Coquitlam movers on installing solar panels before you move:

Try something new with your Coquitlam move and install a pellet stove

This is a great option for heating a specific space in your home that you use the most. If you think about it, you rarely use all of your home at once, especially if you aremoving into a larger home. By using zone heating, you will be able to cut down on energy costs, according to Eco-Vision. After Coquitlam movers help you move in, observe the areas of the house you spend the most time in as you settle in. You can then use this as the basis for where you put a stove for zone heating.

A pellet furnace may be the way to go when you move in Coquitlam

Similar to pellet stoves, a pellet furnace or pellet boiler can also be hooked up to a central heating system if you prefer a heating method that will reach your whole house. According to EcoHeat Solutions, these can also help you lower your heating costs and help lessen your ecological impact. Just as you will want the best moving company in Coquitlam for your move, call around and find a furnace company well-experienced with pellet furnaces to help you prepare your new home.

As you can see, some alternative heat sources can also help with allergy sufferers, since air flow is not required for passing heat into the house. This can cut back on dust and pollen floating in the house. We wrote about cleaning vents before moving in, which describes what a chore this may be with traditional heat air methods:

Having a fresh start in a new home is a great opportunity to be adventurous around your house. Trying something new or unique may end up helping your wallet, the environment, and the ambiance of your home all at the same time. So when you move in Coquitlam, consider one of these alternative heating sources for your home!

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