Delta movers find moving checklists for Pinterest lovers

If you love organizing, planning, making things pretty, and being ‘on top of it’ all the time, you’re going to love these moving checklists our Delta movers found for checklist lovers.


Moving checklists aren’t just for packing (though packing checklists are really handy). They can help you remember all the little details of the before-and-after of your move too.


Here are our favourites!

‘Anything but packing’ checklist for your move


Here is the link:


The checklist above doesn’t mean you don’t have to pack! It’s just a list of things other than packing that you have to take care of when you move. You might soon realize there is more to it than you think (or remember from last time), and planning in advance is key!

Change of address checklists


Here are the links:


Plus we have articles on this topic too! See the links below:


Changing Addresses & Moving Services, Checklist & Guide for Metro Vancouver

Office Relocation Checklist


Whether you use the ones we found above, or make your own with modified checkboxes, this is a handy tool to make sure your mail and bills are going to the right place after you move. You can save so much hassle by doing this. And, you might be able to save money by not going with a forwarding address service, since you’ll have told everyone who needs to know what your new address is.

Checklists for monthly and weekly stages of packing before a move


Here are the links:


These checklists help you identify the things you really, really could be packing up early. They lead up to the things you use more often as the moving day gets closer. Planning a move in advance will save you so much stress compared to packing all at once a week before you move. You’d be surprised how much stuff you actually have when you start packing, and how many boxes they could take to fill up!

Cleaning checklist for before you move


Here is the link:


When you move, especially out of a rental, you’ll need to prep the place for the new tenants. Hopefully your next home will have been cleaned out by its previous dwellers, as an equal courtesy to you. But cleaning when you move can reveal a lot of messy areas you’ve been ‘hiding’ unintentionally with your stuff. There is dirt you probably don’t even see on a daily basis. Or, there could be dirt and dust you didn’t mind living with, but no one else would find acceptable (our ‘own’ dirt just feels cleaner, doesn’t it?). So you’ll want to give this one time. And make sure you’ve checked off all the boxes in the above list, to save on your damage deposit!


On that note, here are hacks for moving cleaning:


Here are some of our own how-to blog articles on cleaning for a move:


How to Clean Vents Before Moving In

How to clean and fix damaged items after moving

Decluttering checklists for when you move


Here are the links:


Speaking of clean up, when you get packing, you’ll notice you need to tidy out your stuff by decluttering. Otherwise, you’ll be moving unnecessary items to your new home, creating more of a mess. But it’s hard to know what to bring and what to toss. The checklist above is a great help to get you started.


You’ll also want to check out our article on minimalism for this one, which may have more resources and inspiration for you to start your decluttering checklist:


How to adapt a minimalist lifestyle after moving


And, opposite to decluttering, you may need to buy some things for your move, to make it easier on you. We wrote an article on this topic here:


5 Things to Buy, Before Moving

Checklists for your first night after moving


Here are the links:


When you arrive at your new home after moving, and all you see are boxes and boxes of stuff, it’s hard to know where to begin unpacking. Take it one step at a time. The checklist above guides you through your first night in your new home. For example, you need toilet paper and eating utensils for sure. So start with that!

Printable planning checklists for moving, to cover all the things you didn’t think of


Here are the links:


Plus, we have a printable checklist too! See the link below:


Checklists that you can print off are probably the greatest idea since sliced bread, don’t you think? The ones above include budget spreadsheets, and a sheet for writing down names and price quotes of moving companies. Very handy.

The checklist you need to make on your own: the unpacking list


Surprisingly, there aren’t a lot of these on Pinterest (that we could find) – probably because most of the stress is getting moved out on time, and that’s where checklists come in handy. Plus, you know what you need most when unpacking. That said, there are plenty of lifehacks for moving on Pinterest that can help you make your own unpacking list.


We hope you enjoyed these helpful resources from our Delta movers!


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