How to clean and fix damaged items after moving

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You wrapped everything twice, packed it nice and snug, but, there’s still a chance you’ll uncover some degree of damage to your furniture upon settling into your new home.

Hopefully you’ve had the chance to work with reliable movers who are attentively processing your goods. But you just can’t be sure that every square millimeter of your stuff will be immune from moisture, damage, or dust while in transit. Here are a few ways you can creatively clean and fix items that might need a little extra ‘TLC’ upon arrival.

Avoid moisture wreaking havoc on your things with homemade cleaning remedies

If you’re moving in the Vancouver area, it’s likely you’ll be dealing with some degree of moisture with our rainy and wet climate. Thus, there is a high chance your possessions have been exposed to precipitation from the outdoors.

Don’t freak out if you come across any water stains on your wooden items (usually in the form of a whitish mark). There’s actually a good chance you can get rid of them completely by using one of these common household items. However, make sure you are using these on any finished surface (no antiques or unfinished wood).

If you happen to notice water has already saturated any wood furniture you have, don’t wait! Grab a fan, or use a hair blow dryer to dry up the wood as best you can. Doing this sooner than later will prevent the wood from warping or becoming a host for bacteria.

Then, to treat the inevitable scuffs on walls from moving (that couch almost fit down the hallway, right?) use either rubbing alcohol or baking soda to make it look like you were never there!

Dealing with glass, ceramic, or porcelain breakage and cracks after moving

In certain cases, sometimes it’s not as easy as buying a replacement– you might have some degree of sentimental value towards your fragile possessions. Just to be safe, consult this resource for packing tips to avoid a possible breakage scenario in the first place. However, there IS hope if you have found yourself with a cracked piece of china, broken vase, or picture frame.

Check out this amazing step by step guide to get your special items looking like new again!

Tricks to mask seemingly costly furniture damage caused by a move

You can minimize the appearance of knicks and scratches on your wood furniture by doing your own DIY furniture repairs and touch-ups. Visit your nearest home improvement store and pick up the following:

  • Wax sticks. Fill this specialized wax into any gouge or nick in wood furniture by softening it between your fingers, and pressing it into place.

  • Touch-Up Markers. Usually coming in a variety of wood-grain shades, use them to fill in surface scratches of tables, chairs, dressers, etc. You can find these at hardware stores.

It is important to note that before repairing any physical damage, make sure you wipe down and dry your furniture thoroughly. This prevents any grease build-up (fingerprints are surely to be involved when moving) standing in the way of your repairs!

Use a professional moving company to reduce the possibility of damaging your possessions

Ferguson Moving & Storage is a Vancouver moving company that aims to protect your possessions at every turn. Let us do the heavy lifting as we help your things arrive safely at your new home. Call us today at 604-922-2212 or visit us online for a free quote!


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