How to Clean Vents Before Moving In

How to clean vents – Surrey movers advise

Ensuring that you clean vents before moving into a new house or office is one of the first maintenance duties you should perform. Clean vents guarantee that the quality of air in your house is high and the air dust-free, which is especially important when you or one of your family members suffers from dust-related allergies. After all that hassle with moving, cleaning vents might be somewhat time-consuming; however, it generally is an easy task and requires only a handful of tools to do it right.

1. Collect necessary equipment to clean vents before moving in a new home in Surrey

There’s so many different particles in dust that you would be surprised. But regardless of all the nasty dust bunnies, you don’t want any of it inside your lungs. As professional movers in Surrey, we know how important it is to move into a clean house. Keeping your vents clean increases quality of air. The stuff you’ll need are:

  • Duster

  • Duct tape

  • Screwdriver

  • Good vacuum cleaner

  • Rag

  • Plastic basin and dish soap

2. Locate all the vents around your house when you move in

If you’re already at doing this cleaning job, it’s good to find and locate all vents at the house to maximize the profits from your effort. You wouldn’t want tofinish the job, clean everything up after you’ve moved in, only to discover two additional vents left for cleaning while doing the laundry after relocation and moving in Surrey.

3. Clean the vent covers

With a duster or dust brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner, clean the external side of an air duct cover. Be sure to catch all the dust build-up leftover by those moving out. It might turn out that the covers require some scrubbing to get everything off them. You can put all of them inside a big plastic basin with dish soap and warm water to get them all nice and clean.

4. Now take off the vent lids

You might need to use a screwdriver here. Unscrew the bolts (if there are any). Otherwise, just gently pry the lids off and set them aside. If the plastic covers are old and brittle, you should consider replacing them with new ones. Such seemingly unimportant details make a house look nicer after you finally move in.

5. Vacuum and clean the air ducts when you move in

Alright, so you’ve got to the core of the task. Peek inside the air ducts, preferably with the aid of a flashlight, and remove bigger sized debris if there is any. If you see any discoloration on the surface inside, be wary that it might be mould. If you aren’t sure what it is, our movers in Surrey recommend that you consult with a specialist. After you get rid of larger objects, proceed to removing dust bunnies with a manual duster. Then, clean the residual grime with a rag and a detergent (diluted dish soap solution will do). Now lift your vacuum cleaner up (you might need to ask someone to hold it for you) and carefully vacuum the air duct with a dust brush attachment on an extension wand, if the length of the air duct makes it applicable. Clean vents before moving in thoroughly for this effort to last longer.

6. Put the lids back on the vents and clean up the area

It’s very likely that some of the debris and dust got out of the vent onto the carpet and the furniture. Vacuum the area around vents thoroughly. You want your new house to be nice and clean before you move in.

Moving in or out? Ask for a quote from the best movers in Surrey. Or maybe you need to store some of your stuff before you prepare your new house? As one of the most reliable storage companies in Metro Vancouver, we’ll be glad to keep an eye on your belongings while you’re cleaning your new house.

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