Tips from Coquitlam movers on how to detach and reuse wallitems when moving

During your Coquitlam move, one major task you will have is figuring out what to do with all the fixtures mounted onto your walls. Although some people may leave mounted shelves or other wall items for the next house owner, you can absolutely take them with you, and it is not as hard as you may think! So before you call up your Coquitlam movers, read these tips to find out how to detach and reuse various wall items.

Our moving company in Coquitlam is here to help you learn how to detach wall items

Here are our top three tips on this subject:

1.    The most common wall items that will need to be detached for your move in Coquitlam are mounted shelves. With these, you need to be careful that you do not rip a hole in the drywall as you take them off the wall. To do this, have someone help hold the supports up while you take off the shelves. Then, use a drill on reverse to take out the screws.

Similar to shelves, other screwed-in items can also come off and be taken with you during your move. These could be:

  • Closet rods and brackets

  • Closet organizational systems

  • Hooks on walls

  • Towel rails

  • Shower curtain rods (may be using a tension rod that does not require unscrewing)

  • Fancy light switch covers (no value in taking the plastic white ones!)

  • Kitchen rails used for hanging pans, or other items, with hooks

  • Paper towel holders

  • Bathroom mirrors or cabinets

  • Wall sconces for light fixtures

  • Bathroom handles for handicap usage

  • Mounting hardware for appliances (if you’re taking your appliances with you)

  • Outdoors: hanging wall baskets for plants, hanging mail boxes, etc.

The principle of removing these is the same as with shelves. Use safety best-practices and remember to remove them with care so as not to make holes too big afterwards. For some that may be necessities for new homeowners, you may want to replace them with cheaper alternatives, if you are taking yours with you due to their value.

2.    For fixtures held up by adhesive hooks, soak a sponge in 1 cup of hot vinegar, then press it onto the wall so that the vinegar soaks into the adhesive. Keep doing this until the hook easily comes off. Finally, soak any residue off with the vinegar and wipe the wall clean.

3. After you take down all of these wall items and get them ready to go with your Coquitlam movers, you will want to make sure the wall is left in good condition for the next occupant of your home. To do this, you will want to patch up any holes left behind by nails or screws that held these fixtures up previously. Check out our article onTips from Surrey movers on how to fix up your walls before moving” for specific information on this topic.

Once you’ve detached wall items, find a way to reuse them after your Coquitlam move

Sometimes when you are disassembling fixtures that have been part of your home for several years, you will realize that they are a lot more run down than you thought. But don’t throw away that scratched-up shelf just yet! This is the perfect opportunity to repurpose an item and reuse it in your new home. Here are some ideas for reusing wall items from our movers in Coquitlam:

1.    Closet rod brackets can become great organizers for your new garage. Just remount the brackets on your garage wall, and long tools or cords will stay upand out of the way.  This way, you don’t have to worry about looking for new garage organizers. Otherwise you’d need to buy them after your Coquitlam movers have already helped you move in all of your belongings.

  A closet rod can also be re-used in many different areas of the house, from hanging curtains up as room dividers, to hanging scarves or hats up in the mud room. All you need to do is mount it to the wall and attach some shower curtain hooks!

2. To repurpose wall hooks from your old home, attach them to a piece of wood to make a unique coat rack. A freshly stained board works well. Or for a more earthy look, you could even use a piece of driftwood from the beach.

3. Reuse wall cabinets from your Coquitlam move by creating some extra storage space in your new home. Stack cabinets on top of each other to create acupboard, or use them to build your own mud room bench!

You can also   look up ideas for repurposing specific items on Pinterest (See this article to learn a bit about how Pinterest works and how to find other movinghacks on it). For example, if you have a certain fixture, like a small wall shelf, search up ‘repurposed wall shelf’ to get some inspiration. You can come across some truly unique ideas for your Coquitlam move!

It can sometimes be worth it to take down certain wall items to bring along during your move in Coquitlam. Once you have unscrewed, uninstalled, andunattached what you want from the walls, engage your creative instincts to find a wonderful way to repurpose these items! This will help you customize your next home to feel new and fresh, while still bringing along a touch of your old home.

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