Tips on painting before moving in Vancouver (Part 2)

PART 2: Tips on Painting Before Moving in Vancouver

Last week, we covered three helpful tips on painting before moving. In this article, we will cover three more tips. We hope these six tips will decrease the stress levels with moving and preparing your new home in Vancouver.

Tip 4: go green for your health and for the environment

Vancouver is all about living in a healthy and environmentally-friendly way. This can be incorporated into your move in Vancouver with how you pick your paint. If you look carefully, some paint cans will advertise how their paint has low, or no VOCs. VOC, or volatile organic compounds, are solvents that get released into their air as paint dries.

VOCs are in other substances such as glues, cleaning supplies, and even air fresheners. VOCs can cause acute symptoms, such as dizziness, headaches, and respiratory irritation. Long term exposure, especially with young children or infants are linked to neurological damage and cancer, among many other risks. Having a low VOC or no VOC type paint will not only eliminate harmful chemicals being released into the air, it will also eliminate the odor of a freshly painted room.

While it is good to read all the labels, something to keep in mind is that VOCs can be added to the paint after it is delivered to the retail store. Often, after adding various colourants in the paint, VOC levels will increase significantly. Here is a helpful list of zero or low VOC paints that are within Canada’s safety regulations after tinting.

Tip 5: Buy paint that will do the work for you

There are actually additives you can add into your paint that help with mildew growth. If you know mildew will be a problem, for example, in your kitchen or bathroom, you can get paints that have built-in mildew fighting ingredients. The mildew resistant paints will prevent new moulds from forming, but they will not kill whatever is already there. The spores from moulds can still live and grow underneath the paint, so it is recommended to thoroughly clean and wash your wall surfaces first with a bleach solution.

Here is a helpful article on preventing and cleaning mould in your home in Vancouver.

Tip 6: Consider hiring a professional painter

The same way that hiring a professional moving company in Vancouver works best for efficiency, it is the same when hiring a professional painter. After all the research and headache involved in painting a house before you move in, it may just be simpler to hire a professional to do the job right. It can be a little more costly, but this is justified by their knowledge and the quality of your finished product. You may be able to paint your house in a timely manner before your move in Vancouver, but doing the job quickly and doing it well takes experience and practice. Quality paint jobs will last longer and will ensure the right results.

Before hiring a professional, you should look up their references, insurance coverage, and experience. Read their reviews, and ask around for good referrals. This is the kind of research you can do that will help with getting what you want for your new home. Also, remember to review the painting contract carefully, noting the time-frame, prices, and guarantees.

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