Tips from Surrey movers on how to fix up your walls before moving

As you begin the process of moving in Surrey, it is inevitable that you will notice some wear-and-tear on your walls that wasn’t there when you moved in. We see this all the time as movers in Surrey, and trust us, this will happen whether you moved in 5 months ago or 5 years ago! No need to panic though, because there are plenty of simple ways you can help spruce up your place and make it look new and move-in ready once again.

The number one way to fix up your walls according to movers in Surrey BC

One skill in particular that will prove to be a necessity during the moving out process of your Surrey move is patching up holes. From small nail holes where picture frames once hung to small dents from moving furniture around, you will most likely have at least a few areas to patch up on your walls in order to freshen them up before your Surrey move. Even if you are moving out of an office, not an entire home, you will probably want to patch up some wall areas from everyday office wear-and-tear before calling up office movers in Surrey and carrying out your move. You may be surprised where dents and holes have appeared over time!

While there are many different methods of patching up holes, there is one common ‘proper way’ using materials from the hardware store , which is as follows:

  1. Tap hole with end of mud knife to indent nail hole slightly
  2. Cover with drywall filler using mud knife
  3. Let dry
  4. Scrape rough edges
  5. Apply second coat
  6. Sand area
  7. Apply drywall primer
  8. Cover with paint

Check out our article on 5 things to buy before moving to get some ideas of what tools and supplies might help you with the moving process!

Looking for wall-hole hacks before moving? Use Pinterest, like our surrey movers did

We’ve talked about general Pinterest moving hacks before, but this is a great example of a specific problem that has a never-ending supply of solutions on the Internet!

Pinterest moving hacks are especially useful for anyone on a budget, or if you don’t have time to go buy new materials and want to use what you already have lying around the house.

Here are some DIY hacks for patching holes during your Surrey move, all from Pinterest:

  1. Before your Surrey movers come, try filling small holes with households items like soap or white toothpaste. You may be surprised by how well a simple bar of soap can mask the appearance of a nail hole just by rubbing back and forth over top of the hole.
  2. Another thing you might have lying around your house is a white crayon (if your walls are white too), and that just might do the trick, according to Pinterest. Just colour in the hole and it will fill up with crayon.
  3. If you only have a few small nail holes but your walls are not white, you probably won’t want to buy a whole gallon of paint to cover the patches afterwards. According to Pinterest user ThriftyFun, you could try using coloured pens to cover up a small hole. Or, a small bottle of acrylic paint may even do the trick for a nail hole. If your hole is slightly larger and more noticeable, try buying a paint sample from a paint store so that you don’t have to lug around a giant bucket of paint for a few holes.

If some of the holes you are filling come from wall-mounted shelves, hooks, or other wall items, be sure to check out our post on Tips from Coquitlam movers on how to detach and reuse wall items when moving!

Regardless of the size or amount of holes and dents that appear on your walls before your Surrey move, you have many options to choose from when it comes to fixing them up. Consider the tips our Surrey movers have given you, and pick the method that works best for you, your budget, and your move.

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