3 ideas for repurposing used moving pallets after you move in Vancouver

Repurposing pallets after you move in Vancouver

From thrift stores to reclaimed furniture– reusing and revamping has definitely become a hot trend as of late. Wood pallets are a common object to be repurposed because they are fairly cheap, widely available, and are quite durable.

Businesses of all kinds utilize these pallets to move things to and from their stores. Moving trucks and transport trucks often always have pallets when large items are being moved. If you’re ever at a grocery store late in the evening, when it’s time to restock shelves, you’ll see that most of the goods are stacked up on pallets. Moving companies in Vancouver like them simply because they are easy to wrap, stack and transport.

So basically, they are about as common as it gets– and you’ll have no trouble finding them. Or, maybe you’ve just finished moving in Vancouver and you’ve got some laying around. Tell your Vancouver movers to leave them behind, because you’ve got some cool plans!

Outfit your new home by creatively reusing old moving pallets

Once you’ve properly disassembled them, here are three ideas for repurposing moving pallets:

Build your own DIY garden:

This one doesn’t require as much disassembly. Even if you don’t have any yard space, a pallet can make it easy to bring a garden into your apartment or condo. By making a garden out of a pallet, you can have the foliage of your choice nicely organized and laid out for all to see. Perfect to set up at your new home once you’ve moved, both indoors and outdoors!

Some people have opted for a herb garden so you can have fresh ingredients in your food. Others have filled them with flowers. Or, you can grow different arrays of grasses and shrubbery for the perfect natural addition to any room.

Create handmade, custom artwork:

After you’ve moved into your new home, the perfect addition to any space is to adorn it with original artwork. Making art with moving pallets might just be its second most popular use besides being used tomove things. You can make a canvas that acts as a great landing spot for photo transfers, strings of lights, or painted text.

You can get artsy by mixing and blending different colours to cover the wood completely. Or, you can leave its natural grain and paint on inspirational quotes, names– anything to personally customize the home you’ve just moved into.

Design and build unique furniture pieces:

Arguably the most time consuming and complex… but just imagine the thrill of a final result! If the thought of building something is completely foreign to you, you can start off easy by building a table or desk. This has minimal cutting and sawing and is more a project of sanding, staining and painting once your frame and top have been completed.

If you’re ready to tackle more complex projects, you can try building chairs, a bed frame (that link has way more projects too), or cabinet. Some people have even gone so far as to build their own dog houses!

Hire a trusted moving company in the Lower Mainland!

Our professional movers in Vancouver will make sure your next move is done effectively– so you can get started on your DIY projects! If you’d like to get in touch about your next move, call us at 604-922-2212! You can also check us out online for a quick quote!

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