Neat ways to repurpose storage containers from movers in Surrey

Ideas on how you can re-purpose portable storage containers in Surrey BC

After you complete the process of moving in Surrey, it will then be time to focus on settling into your new house and making sure it feels like home. Part of this process includes figuring out what to do with the remnants of your Surrey move. If you took your time moving in, or your house underwent a big renovation before you arrived, chances are you may have storage containers hanging out in your backyard. Luckily, there are endless possibilities of what you can do with moving storage once it has served its purpose.

Here are just a few ideas of how you can repurpose portable storage containers.

Turn your portable storage into a tiny home!

Once you have your perfect new home and you are done with your portable storage in Surrey, you can use your storage container to make a second, little, home. Tiny homes are growing in popularity and can make a perfect guest house, private space for a teenager, or a small sanctuary for yourself. They are also useful as temporary dwellings while a renovation is going in the larger house on your lot. You can design it any way you want, but you can start with the basics in this Pinterest post.

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Office movers in Surrey may recommend storage container offices

A storage container office can be a perfect place to get away from everything going on in the house so you can focus on work- right in your backyard. Like a tiny home, you can exercise a lot of creativity in your storage container office design, based on your personal working or studying needs. But if you’re the kind of person that could get distracted by being too close to home, try one of our other ideas for repurposing a storage container! Plus, don’t forget the office maintenance needs and permit requirements with the city.

These articles on our blog may help you decide if you should set up a home-based office when moving:

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Create a personalized swimming pool out of portable storage in Surrey

Have you always wanted a swimming pool in your backyard but never made it a priority? Now that your move in Surrey is completed and you have an empty shipping container, you are one step closer to checking a swimming pool off your wish list! There are many creative ideas of how to turn your portable storage into a great place to splash and swim around in. Check out this list from to get your ideas rolling.

Taking the time to pursue a larger-scale project like this will not only give you a goal to pursue in your free time, but it will also make your new home much more unique. Upcycling items is also great for the environment, which is an added bonus! So once our movers in Surrey BC are done helping you with the first step of settling into your new home, have fun taking the next step to really make it your own.

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