Protecting valuable collection when moving in Vancouver

Taking care of a valuable collection when moving in Vancouver

There are already plenty of things to account for in a move, so it’s important to ensure your collectibles stay in the spotlight. If you are the owner of a collection, whether it be sentimental or high-value (likely both!), you’ll want to make sure everything is accounted for.

Or, maybe the packing process has allowed you to discover some collectibles you no longer want– read on for some solutions available to you in Vancouver.

Snap individual pictures of your collection before hiring a moving company in Vancouver

If you’ve decided your collection is coming with you, here’s what to do before movers get involved. We’ve already discussed in a previous blog about moving fine art, and how important it is to take your time. Extra preparation is necessary because in the case of a collection, you want to make sure each and every piece is accounted for. A good way to do this, and made extra simple by smartphones, is to take a picture log of all your pieces. It’s a good thing to do anyways since it’s almost like creating a ‘carbon copy’ of proof of what you own. (It also might be a nice keepsake to have if you ever sell your collection down the road?)

By cataloging a collection in pictures, you not only have a record of each piece existing, you also have a record of the condition of the pieces before the move. This can be useful if you have collectibles insurance in BC (which is definitely a wise idea!). Whether the insurance is with your moving company or covered with a home insurance policy, it is imperative to know the existing condition of your memorabilia before you move. Any compromises to the collection during the moving process will be clear cut if pre-existing photos exist.

Tips to keep in mind when moving your collection

Remember, moisture can wreck things, especially fibrous things. It’s likely not a good idea to put your collectibles – whether they are valuable or merely sentimental, in a cardboard box when moving. Cardboard can get wet and leak water into the items. You don’t want your years of stamp collecting to get rippled from a small mistake like this. Clear plastic bins can be inexpensive, and very useful, since you can see what’s inside when organizing later.

At your new home, make sure you aren’t ‘dumping’ the collectibles boxes in the garage with all the other stuff. It may take time to get organized in the new home, but you should clearly label these boxes, or movethem separately in your car, so you can identify them. Keep them in the house where the climate is more controlled.

If you don’t want to move your collection to your new home, here are some options

As you’re probably aware, moving is the time you really get to decide what stays and what goes. If you are thinking of selling your antiques before moving, to avoid the hassle altogether, check out this article we wrote on our blog as well. It has plenty of advice on where to get started.

To prepare for selling, however, you should consider getting the right protective gear to ‘stage’ your collectibles so they are in mint condition and presentable for selling. Perhaps some restoration needs to be done. Sometimes there are also special frames or holders for baseball cards, stamps, and so on you can look into. Glass boxes, like in museums, can also make for great protection and display pieces.

If you have any paintings or figurines that have any historical value (such as an inheritance from your great grand parents), consider donating them to a museum. It may be something enriching for future generations to see, and be a way to ensure your items are professionally preserved.

If your collectibles are very valuable and just waiting for a buyer, maybe consider a bank deposit box or buying a safe. It’s likely they shouldn’t be in your home at all. This would minimize the risk of losing or damaging pieces. Talk to your bank about renting a safety deposit box so you can keep your collectibles safe until they are sold. Ask about insurance, and whether your specific material will handle well in the box (such as for moisture levels, and so on).

If you want to keep your non-valuable collections, here are ideas for after you move

If you have items like gems or stones, consider getting them set by a local artisan jeweller. You can also do this on your own, and sell them on a site like Etsy to create value out of them on the side. Or wear them yourself if they’re that beautiful!

You can also get crafty with other things! Baseball cards can be turned into a mobile (for the man cave, of course!), and trophies can also use the museum-style glass boxes mentioned above. This can make for more ‘classy’ display pieces on shelves or mantles. And hey, if it’s action figurines you don’t want to give up, but also don’t want in a box, you could make a cool action figure lamp, as seen on the Instructables site: . The idea is to make your memorable pieces something you can look at daily.

Get in touch with a local Vancouver moving company that prioritizes your valuables!

Ferguson Moving and Storage is a moving company in the Vancouver Lower Mainland that treats each move with care and attention. Our reps would be glad to help — just call 604-922-2212. You can also visit our online form to get a quick quote!

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