Tips on painting before moving in Vancouver (Part 1)

 PART 1: Tips on Painting Before Moving in Vancouver

Many people can agree that the prep work to a paint job is probably the worst part of painting. Having to move your furniture, cover the floors, and tape off everything with blue tape is a hassle. It is almost as much work as having to move in Vancouver without any help.

Naturally then, the best time to paint your house is right before you move in, when there’s nothing in it yet. It is best to arrange your move-out and move-in date so that there is some overlap—a period of time where you will have your old house and your new house at the same time. Having this overlap time will afford you some time to paint your new house and let that paint dry before the movers get to work.

Now that you have decided to paint before moving in, the one thing to avoid at this stage is to start painting right away. Much consideration and thought is needed before you should go ahead and start painting. In this article, we will cover three of our six tips on painting before moving in. Stay tuned for part two.

Tip 1: Plan with your furniture and lighting in mind

At this stage of your move, you should already have some idea of how you want to place your furniture and how you will decorate your room. Although it is easy to paint a room without furniture, it is important to match the colour and shade of your paint to the kind of lighting and furniture that will be in that room.

A certain colour may look different under different kinds of light. It may also look different when paired with a certain colour of furniture. Picking a colour scheme for a specific room depends on the type of mood you want to set for that room, as well as whether you want that room to look larger than it is, or smaller and cozier. All of these things can be achieved using the right combination of colors and décor.

Tip 2: Don’t skip the primer

Primers are specifically formulated to be used as a bonding agent between your paint and the surface you wish to paint. Some people are tempted to skip this step because it is seen as an additional cost. In fact, this is the opposite.

When a surface is primed, it increases the adhesion of paint, and prevents peeling and cracking, which will actually help you save money in the long run. On top of this, a primed surface is much easier to work with and will produce a nicer, more even finish. It is important to note that there are different primers for different applications, so make sure to let your salesperson at the paint store know what you are painting and where this is in your house so they can get you’re the primer you need.

Tip 3: Select the right paints

Moving in Vancouver can be considered expensive by many, and it is a worthwhile investment to spend more on quality paints for your new home. Even though good paints are not cheap, they do provide a better finish. Aside from the various colours, there are various types of paints to choose from.

For example, the type of finish is also as important as the colour. A glossier paint usually can withstand stains better, and is able to handle scrub-cleaning. The sheen on the paint will, however, highlight the imperfections on the wall and on the paint job. Depending on whether a room has a low or high traffic area, it is advisable to pick the right finish for the right job. Getting everything right before painting can save a lot of money and stress later.

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