Affordable flooring to install before moving in Vancouver

Choosing the right flooring before you move into your new Vancouver home

As a Vancouver moving company, we certainly want to see you move into the place of your dreams, but sometimes a little work is involved first. To get the most out of your new home, it’s a good idea to evaluate the condition of the flooring before you move in. By replacing old flooring before you move, you’re avoiding the giant hassle of replacing it down the road (cue the furniture shuffle and chaotic mess).

You may not have the luxury of the folks from Love it or List it Vancouver giving you renovation advice, but the internet is certainly second best! We’ve compiled some popular flooring ideas to consider implementing before you move in Vancouver.

Affordable flooring you can install before moving in the Lower Mainland



As one of the most popular kinds of residential flooring, vinyl is among the cheapest flooring you can get, but that’s not to say it is lower in quality. Vinyl has become popular for its water proofing abilities while still being able to give the ‘wood’ look to a home. That means you can use it more safely than say, laminate, in the kitchen or bathroom.

Vinyl flooring planks usually interlock or connect with a sticky strip, making them easy to install and easy to replace– and available in an array of styles and colours. There are also flat-laying vinyl planks that can be replaced individually in case damage occurs. But since there is no interlocking, you’ll want to ensure these are installed professionally and your floors are level to begin with (as they should always be). Vinyl flooring sheets come in large pieces that need to be cut to your floor plan. They are usually among the cheapest kind of vinyl but need to be installed carefully. And they’re not limited to that old ‘fake tile’ look anymore – you can get some neat real-looking wood patterns nowadays too.

The only downside of saving money upfront, is that vinyl flooring can the most prone to scratches and overall wear. Before you buy your vinyl flooring, try scratching it with a key in the store (on the samples only!) to see how well it stacks up against damage.

  • Estimated price: $1 – $5/ sq ft.


Linoleum flooring is a great budget friendly option for homes, condos, and apartments in the Lower Mainland. Manufacturers have been crafting natural and hypoallergenic options that don’t trap dust or bacteria. Linoleum is ideal for high traffic, or more water-prone areas like a kitchen or dining room. These are places where you want to keep bacteria at a minimum and can easily wipe them clean in the event of moisture being present.

  • Estimated price: $2 – $7/ sq. ft.

[Check out this source if you want to compare the features of vinyl vs linoleum.]


Laminate isn’t great for potentially damp areas of the home, but it is great for bedrooms and living rooms. It can have the appearance of looking like decadent wood, stone, or ceramic but still remain affordable. It’s easy to install and can last a long time! Laminate requires underlayments on your floor (such as a foam sheet), and the awareness of how changing temperatures can affect their placement. These usually also ‘click and lock’ during installation. Since they are tougher material, you couldn’t cut these with an exacto knife the way you could with vinyl, so you’ll need the right tools if you are planning a DIY floor installation.

  • Estimated price: $4 – $10/ sq ft.

Decorative flooring options that make for an enviable Vancouver home



There are several options to consider for this classic option. Oak or maple create a warm and earthy atmosphere and are available in several different finishes. Bamboo can give an exotic and natural feel to any room, and is even environmentally friendly because of the plant’s rapid regrowth.

The benefit of choosing hardwood is that it is viable long term when sealed properly (ideally resealed every few years) AND it’s actually more comfortable to walk on than vinyl, laminate, and stone.

  • Estimated price: $7 – $16/ sq ft.

Natural stone

Arguably the most durable and decorative option, choosing natural stone will transform your home into a beautiful and ornate living space. You can opt for granite, slate, marble, limestone, sandstoneand sometimes more exclusive options depending on what the manufacturer has available. Check out this resource to learn more about this special investment.

  • Estimated price: $10 – $50/ sq ft.

Think you’ll move in the future? By investing in hardwood or stone flooring, you are upping the resell value of your house– so go on, splurge a little!


Tile is common to see in homes, and can be very long-lasting. The downside is that changing tile later on can be quite a daunting task when it comes to removal. So watch out if you plan on doing a renovation in 10 years. But some tile setters can even tile over tile, though it’s not always recommended.

Tiling is also a meticulous, time consuming job, that requires craftsmanship to make even. The cutting around corners also would require tools and some know-how. But that’s not to say it can’t be a DIY project if you want it to be. You just would want to ensure you’ve done your learning before going at it, and that you have all the right materials and equipment. Ensure you are waterproofing first, for example, in the bathroom, and then using sealants in your properly mixed grout to prevent colour changes over time, and so on.

The good news is that nowadays tile is not limited to the ‘traditional’ look of ceramic we’ve seen in the past. You can get tile that looks like wood planks nowadays, if you want a very durable option with a warmer look for areas other than the kitchen or bathroom.

  • Estimated price: $3+ sq ft.

Before moving in BC, make sure you have your feet on solid ground!

Regardless of which flooring your choose, our Vancouver movers know that flooring is an investment. So, we do our best to take the utmost caution when moving your possessions to avoid any possible damage.

Hire a reliable Vancouver moving company today by calling Ferguson Moving & Storage at 604-922-2212 or check out an online quote!


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