Avoiding stressful surprises on moving day: tips you probably never thought of before

Spring Moving in Vancouver:  Vancouver Movers, Ferguson Moving Tips

It’s finally Spring in Vancouver and we’ve been waiting for it for quite a while, haven’t we? For some, Spring also marks the start of the busy real estate season when people are out buying and selling. Vancouver movers and storage companies also follow the trends of the real estate market because the people who are buying and selling also need storage and help moving (go figure).

But some may feel as though moving is an easy feat. “Moving? Pfff, I’ll use my uncle’s truck and pay my friends with free pizza to do it!”

Hold that thought. Before deciding to try and do a move on your own, here are some points to consider.

Why is it important for people to consider using professional Vancouver movers?

Moving is never fun, but it’s a necessity. When we are young, we may start off with a small move like moving away from home.  After that it’s still going to be a series of small moves.  With small moves maybe the best thing is to ask your friends to help or even just take yourself onto the skytrain if that’s all you have to do!

But once you start to get into the position in life where you have a house, bigger things (i.e. more ‘expensive’ things like grand pianos and pool tables), a family (i.e. kids in the way) and all your friends are busy, then you need to consider getting a moving and storage company. Friends are forever, but honestly, who wants to help you move?

When you have to make a big move you’ll want to find a reliable Vancouver moving company

professional moving company in Vancouver can assist you and make your move much less stressful. The key to finding a good moving company is finding a company who you can trust. A reliable moving company will come to your home to do a quote for how much the move will cost you (which will probably be cheaper than the broken furniture you’ll end up with if your friends do it!).

If they are willing to give you a binding quote then you can guarantee that you will be paying that exact price and nothing more come moving day. It’s really important to be assertive and selective when searching for a moving company, so you’ll have a happy outcome in the end (especially when you consider the value you got for the price you paid).

Is it important to reserve a moving company in Vancouver far in advance?

There are a lot of limitations with every single moving company that’s in existence.  Each moving company only has a certain number of movers and a certain number of moving trucks.  Once they are booked then they are not going to be able to assist you with your move, no matter how good they are.

That’s where a lot of the scam operators out there come into play, and make those scary stories you heard once come to life. They can take a deposit and give you a price (no matter how high or low it seems), but they may not show up on your moving day. They can be unreliable, not to mention unethical, in their systems and, if you didn’t have them come over to see your home and give you a binding estimate then you have no idea what charges they’ll try to put on your tab later.

It’s really important to get ahead of the game and make sure you are picking the company you want to work with and have an in-home moving estimate done as soon as possible.

If you are planning a move this Spring and are looking for a good moving company in Vancouver keep these tips in mind. Also be sure to share your experiences with your friends and family members so they will know what moving company to choose when it’s their turn to make a move.

You want a company that will get the job done right. Call or order online today for your free estimate of how much it will cost to store or move your home

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