5 Things to Buy, Before Moving

Things to pick up at a hardware store for your next moving day haul

If you like life hacks, or just being a handy kind of person, you might like knowing about some products that can make your next moving day, or move-in easier. We find these typically at hardware stores, but a department store with a hardware section in it may have these things as well. Here is our list of things to pick up at a hardware store before moving day, or to prepare for moving day.

1) Sturdy moving crates

Usually made of wood, but also of plastic, you can find moving crates to hold the heavier, bulkier items you need to move. When a cardboard box won’t do, spending the $10 – $13 or so to get a sturdy wooden box for moving day may just be worth the investment. You won’t want your wine collection, for example, to break on moving day.

And, if you ask nicely, the store may also have some moving pallets that can come in handy for the really big moves, like for large heavy planters, and so on. These pallets are usually used with special moving equipment. If you’re doing a more industrial move, however, you may need these anyway.

2) Moving dollies of various shapes and sizes

A dolly is not just a dolly. Certain dollies can be made for different uses, like for appliances or boxes. Especially if you plan to move again, you may want invest in the right type of equipment that will allow youmove things more easily on wheels.

You may also want a dolly with a flat surface, or a wagon, to be able to pull things more easily and make fewer trips to your moving truck or car when it comes time for transporting.

These are not always cheap, so see if the hardware store can rent these out. They can usually rent out tools, and dollies may be part of that offering. Or, check Craigslist or your good friend who owes you a favour!

3) Boxes, bungee cords and moving blankets or pads

Yes, there are blankets devoted to the use of moving! There are also all sorts of bubbly, soft padding products made specifically for moving. Some things needs that extra TLC, like your electronics or breakables. Here is what the Home Depot sells in this department, for example.

Plus, the hardware store can carry more typical moving supplies, like moving boxes. And specially-made moving boxes can be useful because when they are all the same size, they stack more easily. Some may be more sturdy than others as well. We would of course suggest going green with a company like Frogbox, so sturdy plastic containers can be re-used, instead of cardboard boxes creating more waste (even if they are recycled later). But for some, cardboard is just the way to go when moving. The hardware store can carry these at some reasonable prices too.

And don’t forget, Ferguson Moving and Storage also has moving supplies! When you hire us to do your move for you, you can also pick up moving supplies from us, making one less stop for you.

4) Power washers, wet dry vacs and other tools and equipment to use before you move

Sometimes you just need the heavy duty stuff around to be able to work faster or take care of the jobs that need more effort before you move. And oftentimes, renting the equipment is only a tad cheaper than buying it straight out (though we encourage you to do your own cost comparisons). For example, for your move, you may be able to make use of:

Power washers can help you clean the outside of your home, or your concrete or driveway a lot faster than trying to scrub by hand. This can help stage your home for a sale as well.

Wet dry vacs are industrial style vacuums that we’re sure some homemakers or clean freaks will absolutely love and want to keep. They can clean up really messy big pieces of dirt and debri from construction waste. But when you’re dealing with dust, and a lot of in-and-out foot traffic on moving day, these can help a lot. If you crack a glass on moving day, grab the wet dry vac! If there’s mud on moving day(because of rainy Vancouver, no doubt), use the wet dry vac! Plus they can suck up dirt around the corners of your walkway leading to your door, paper and plastic pieces and other junk that could easily clog up a ‘regular’ vacuum.

Drills and other power or hand tools will also come in handy when you need to do things like remove door pegs to be able to take out doors so furniture can move in and out more easily. They can also help with uninstalling or installing shelving, wall nails, cabinets, light fixtures, high-end fire alarms, or other household items you invested in over the years and want to take with you on moving day. You can also take apart IKEA furniture more easily this way, if you desire to flat pack it all over again, and then put it together at your destination (we know, slim chance, but we thought we’d mention it anyway!).

5) Home repair materials for moving in or moving out

Inevitably there are going to be holes in the walls from the pictures or art you’ve taken down that will need spackling. And there may be some electrical outlet covers you’ll want to replace. Or you may want to fix a broken switch you never got around to before you had to move.

To prepare you home for its new tenants, you may want to pick up some inexpensive home repair material at the hardware store before you move. Drywall hole filler material can be just a few dollars, and there are even kits that come with everything you need to fix patches. Here is just one example.

If you know the paint code or name of your walls, you can buy small buckets of paint that cost less than $10, to do some patch ups (word of the wise: not all whites are equal!).

Some easy wood glue can fix some peeling moulding or baseboards too.

There is also such a thing as silicone remover, like this product, so you can easily re-do the silicone caulk in a bathroom or kitchen before you move, or after your move-in.

And of course, the list goes on! That’s what the hardware store is for, after all!

Need Extra Help?

Call us for advice on what to buy before you move! Ferguson Moving and Storage in Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey, Coquitlam and Langley offers professional moving services, and that can include letting you know our best tips and advice for prepping your home before or after moving day. Give us a call at 604-922-2212 or contact us through our website.

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