3 reasons why moving to Chilliwack is a great idea!

With its enviable, picturesque geographical location and small town feel, Chilliwack has a lot to offer new residents planning to move there. Here are 3 reasons that will make you want to pack your bags, call your local moving company, and head to Chilliwack!

Chilliwack is perfect for your inner outdoorsman

Chilliwack is ideally located among a plethora of natural attractions. Instead of living in the big city and travelling a couple hours to get to the wilderness, moving to Chilliwack will feel like nature is waiting on your doorstep.

Since Chilliwack isn’t completely nestled in the interior of BC, it still experiences a fairly moderate climate similar to Vancouver– as in, most sites will be accessible year round. You can go camping near Chilliwack at a number of different parks or explore the popular ‘fun-destinations’ Cultus Lake and Harrison Hot Springs (20-30 min drive). You can also try hiking in Chilliwack, and get lost in the many trails and hiking paths both within and surrounding the city.

Move to Chilliwack for the epitome of an accessible, small town lifestyle

As in, you’re not completely in the middle of nowhere, but it can certainly feel like it when you move there. Chilliwack has a population of around 78,000, so don’t worry, you aren’t moving into a place where you have to travel for necessities. It is well equipped with enough shopping options to settle in your new home after you’ve moved in– AND you’ll be sure to easily find a no-pay parking space!

The City of Chilliwack is primarily a great city to move to because it is simplistic– as in, half of the GDP stems from retail and the service industry. There is less of an entrepreneurial ‘hustle’ like what you would find in Vancouver. All good things though, more time for leisurely activities! However, if you are akin to the entrepreneurial spirit, $40.00 will get you a business license so you can start your venture!

For other forms of leisure, if you move close to Mill Street, you’ll find a quaint strip of shops and cafes. You can also visit the nearby Honeyview Farm where you can pick up some local honey.

Move to Chilliwack because it boasts affordability

When you move to Chilliwack, you’ll be pleasantly greeted with overall affordability. Car insurance, gas, housing– these are all things that if you are moving from Vancouver to Chilliwack, you’ll welcome with open arms. Want to do your own cost comparisons?

  • Compare gas prices here.
  • Compare car insurance quotes here.
  • Compare 3 bedroom housing listings here for Chilliwack and here for Vancouver.

However, depending if you are going to be working in Chilliwack or not, you might have to factor in the expenses of a commute– some people certainly make daily trips into surrounding cities. If you’re not keen on driving, the Fraser Valley Express will be a way to ensure you can get around.

Think you’ll be moving to Chilliwack soon?

Prepare your belongings, read up on the local Chilliwack bylaws, and get in touch with a Lower Mainland moving company. Ferguson Moving specializes in trips out to Chilliwack, and we’d be glad to get you started! Call us today at 604-922-2212 or online for a quick quote!

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