5 Reasons Why You Should Move To New Westminster

When you are considering moving in Vancouver, maybe you are looking for a home with character, in a convenient location, while not having to pay Vancouver home prices. If this is the case, a move to New Westminster, known locally as New West, might be something to consider. Read on to learn more about why you should move to this central Vancouver suburb.

5 Reasons for Moving to New Westminster


1) Move to New West because it’s historic

One unique aspect of New Westminster is its history and how its historical character seeps through neighbourhoods all around the city. As the original capital of British Columbia, New West is very proud of its importance in BC’s history. Walking down Columbia Street there are many historic buildings to admire (although the original buildings are no longer there, due to the Great Fire of 1898). Even the New Westminster Public Library that you may take your kids to was the first public library in BC, giving British Columbians the opportunity to read since 1865. If you appreciate history and character, New West may be the perfect place for you. You can live in a beautiful heritage home without paying top dollar as you would in Vancouver.

2) The SkyTrain makes it convenient to get around Greater Vancouver

A major thing to consider when moving to or within Greater Vancouver is accessibility and convenience of transportation. Luckily, New West is at the heart of the region’s transportation system and has more SkyTrain stations per capita than any other city in the Lower Mainland. This makes it very easy to travel to other cities in Greater Vancouver even if you don’t own a car. You can get to downtown Vancouver in about 20 minutes, avoiding annoying traffic that you would likely run into when driving the same route.

3) Driving also makes it easy to get to other nearby cities

Although you will find transit is very accessible once you move to New Westminster, driving is also quite convenient as New West is located in the geographical centre of the Lower Mainland. No matter which Vancouver suburb you wish to go to, it will be easily accessible through the highways and roads that New Westminster is connected to.

4) Moving to Uptown New West: get that small town feel while in a big city

For when you don’t feel like going far from home, Uptown New Westminster has everything you need. Filled with shops and restaurants, it is a common joke around New West residents that you can never go to Uptown New West without running into someone you know. This contributes to a small town feel as well as a sense of community, which can be rare to find in a busy metropolitan area like Greater Vancouver.

5) Plenty of parks: perfect for the whole family

Even though New West is a growing city despite not having land to expand into, the city has made room for plenty of parks for its residents to enjoy. If you move to New Westminster, you will find Hume Park is perfect for summer picnics. You can also enjoy fun in the water park there with your kids, or maybe some outdoor swimming lessons. Queens Park is also a popular destination for New West residents, and is a great place to enjoy nature among the trees while still having room for kids to play. The city also has other various parks and playgrounds near most neighbourhoods, so you can go spend some time outside with your family after school or work any time of year.

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