Best Benefits of Moving to Surrey, B.C.

3 Reasons you should move to Surrey, B.C.

As one of the larger suburbs our Metro Vancouver moving company services, there’s a lot of reasons to move to Surrey BC.

Surrey is a great place to live, especially if you have a growing family. There is always something to do, as the area is full of events going on all year round.

Here are some great aspects from Ferguson Moving and Storage in Surrey on this growing suburb that will make you want to make the move to Surrey!

Never-ending attractions and activities for kids!

Surrey is the perfect place to live with a growing family, as there is an abundance of things to do with your kids. There are recreation centres in each community of Surrey that offer many learning programs and even options for birthday parties. If you feel like spending the day outdoors, you can also check out the Bose Family Corn Maze, or go explore Bear Creek Park. In the spring and summer breaks, the City of Surrey runs multiple children’s camps that are a great opportunity to have some fun close to home. Don’t forget to visit the Surrey Museum and the Newton Wave Pool! With so many places to explore, you will never run out of things to do in Surrey, so the kids can’t complain!

New developments in Surrey

Surrey is constantly growing, and is expected to be the most populated city in Metro Vancouver by 2020. In the last 10 years, population has increased by over 100,000!

As a result, many new developments are popping up all over the place, so there are many options of places to move to in Surrey.

Also, the new Port Mann Bridge will increase accessibility, connecting Surrey to Coquitlam and highway 1, which leads to Burnaby and Vancouver. Not only will this create less traffic, but it will also make things easier and safer for pedestrians and cyclists to cross over the bridge, thus increasing transit accessibility.

These bylaws will make you want to move to Surrey!

Surrey also has some neat bylaws that also contribute to it being a pleasant place to live. For one, construction noise is only allowed from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., Monday through Saturday. This means you are free to do heavy work around your own house outside these times, but don’t expect to hear any banging away on a new roof at your neighbor’s house when you’re trying to sleep in Sunday morning!

Another thing that’s nice about Surrey is that properties are required to be maintained at an acceptable level. If there is a house on your street with a deteriorating fence or dead landscaping and junk, all you have to do is report it and the City of Surrey will take care of it. This maintains the quality of your neighbourhood, especially if you are trying to sell your home later.

As of December 2010, single-family homes in Surrey are also allowed to have a secondary suite. This can be a great option if you are looking to rent out your basement to help with your mortgage when you move to Surrey, or if you are looking to rent to save money while living in Surrey. As long as it is done with all the required building permits and you are paying the secondary suite utility and service fees (approximately $550 per year) you can have that extra suite, legally.

Makes sense to move to Surrey

Overall, Surrey is a rapidly growing city that is perfect for families seeking a community setting. Moving to Surrey can be a great opportunity to live in a family-oriented neighbourhood while still being easily accessible to the rest of Greater Vancouver. If you are moving to Surrey soon, be sure to check out their programs for newcomers to find out even more amazing things about this wonderful Vancouver suburb!

Remember, Ferguson Moving and Storage has a location in the Surrey Area and has offices throughout the entire Lower Mainland.

Call Ferguson Moving and Storage in Surrey at 604-922-9391 to see how we can help you with your move to Surrey.


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