Changing Addresses & Moving Services, Checklist & Guide for Metro Vancouver

Moving in Metro Vancouver: changing addresses and moving services

The details of a move in Vancouver involve more than moving your belongings from one home to another. With a new home comes setting up new services, changing addresses, discontinuing old servicesand many other little things to worry about. Service providers need to be contacted to avoid any service interruptions. Services that are no longer needed must be cancelled to avoid an overcharge. This may seem like a lot to think about. Where do you start, and who do you call? We hope this article will help you reduce your moving-induced anxiety about changing addresses.

Changing addresses with service providers

In British Columbia, there is a helpful service online to help you change your address on your driver’s license with the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC), as well as with the Medical Services Plan of British Columbia (MSP).

Contacting and moving service providers

Before your actual moving day, let your service providers know what day and where you will be moving to. For all utilities, make sure your services do not continue at your old home after your moving day, and make sure it is all turned on in the new home on your move in day. The last thing you want to happen is to run out of hot water for a shower after a long moving day!

Moving Services & Utilities Checklist

Here’s a list of services for you to consider arranging before your move:

  • TV, cable, and internet (these telecommunication services are usually all under one company)
  • Gas and electricity
  • Cell phone providers (so they have your new address and billing info)
  • Financial institutions
  • Creditors (credit card companies, loans companies, or any other loan types)
  • Magazine subscriptions, points cards (such as AirMiles or Aeroplan miles), online accounts (such as Amazon, Netflix, or computer backup services to make sure your billing address matches your credit card info on file)
  • Canada Revenue Agency (this is important to continue receiving any ongoing tax benefits)
  • Health insurance
  • Healthcare providers
  • Insurance companies
  • Library accounts, school registration records, work employee files, etc.

It is wise to have your mail forwarded to catch any other services you may have missed. This can be done with Canada Post online. Many companies and institutions allow you to do this well before your move. All you have to do is to let them know the exact date of when you will be moved into your new house.

Misconceptions about moving telecommunication services within Metro Vancouver

One misconception with people who are moving in Metro Vancouver is that they can activate their own television services. In other words, some assume that the equipment they have is what gives them its associated service. For example, you may think that you can simply bring your television and cable box to your new address and automatically have cable. That is not the case. An installer must come and help you activate your service in order for your digital or analog receiver to receive the company’s distributed signal

Another misconception is with telephone numbers. If you are moving within a city, you are able to keep your original number. However, moving from one city to another, no matter how close, will require a change in telephone numbers for landlines.

If you are moving to a newly built home, it is important to let your telecommunication companies know. New-home telecommunication installation can take longer.

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