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A few things to know when considering moving to Delta

At Ferguson Moving and Storage we understand that moving to a new area can be stressful, and it can be hard to figure out what exactly to expect. Let us share some wisdom here. If you are moving to Delta BC, on top of finding the right Delta moving company, you may be wondering how it is different from moving to other Vancouver suburbs. Here are some helpful things to know about before you call your moving company for a local Vancouver Area move or long distance, out of country move into Delta:

You will have easy access to Vancouver via the highway

Accessibility is a very important thing in the Vancouver area, due to increasing population and traffic in Vancouver, therefore moving to Delta is a great place to move to because it is connected to almost everything. It is bordered by Richmond, Surrey, and Point Roberts in the United States, but is also very accessible to Vancouver, New West, and Burnaby. It is very close to the US border and to the ferries that go to the islands on the coast of BC. Perfect for a day trip or weekend getaway!

Safer travel and less traffic with the Massey Tunnel reconstruction

The Massey Tunnel, a major connector to the other parts of the Lower Mainland from South Delta (and especially the B.C. Ferry Terminal in Tsawwassen), is being planned for replacement beginning in 2017.

After completion, congestion Massey Tunnel will hopefully be heavily reduced and therefore accidents will also be reduced, making the area much safer.

The new bridge replacing the tunnel will make Delta an even more accessible and desirable place to live, and according to the Vancouver Sun, will likely cause increased residential growth in South Surrey and South Delta.

Moving to Delta will give you endless opportunities for outdoor activities!

Delta is a wonderful Vancouver suburb to move to because of its abundance of nature. There are kilometers of trails to explore, perfect for going for a walk, run, or bike ride. There are also many beaches and parks that are great for getting in touch with nature. And of course, the Reifel Bird Sanctuary, which has low admission rates and is a great place to take in the natural beauty of BC and encounter many bird species native to the area. There is also plenty of farmland in parts of Delta, so you can buy fresh berries from local farmers in the summer, or even go pick them yourself.

Burns Bog is right in the neighbourhood!

One of the best features of the outdoors in Delta is Burns Bog, the largest peat bog on the West Coast of North America. Developers have tried several times to obtain permission to build on some of the land near the bog, but were denied by the province.

There has been plenty of work put in to protect the bog, including a recent bylaw that protects the natural environment near streams, which are often filled with salmon, from development of land. Burns Bog is a very important part of the natural environment of the Lower Mainland, and is even referred to as “the Lungs of the Lower Mainland” because of its abundance of oxygen producing trees.

There are various bylaws that are good to know in advance of moving to Delta

Moving to a new place can be tough, especially when you aren’t sure about the little, yet important things. For example, garbage collection! In Delta, garbage collection takes place at least every 2 weeks, and you are expected to put out the garbage before 7 a.m. on your designated day. You can expect to pay $122 annually for garbage collection, and $50 for recycling if you own your home or the fee is not included in your rental agreement.

Another important thing to know is that you are not allowed to use pesticides for cosmetic purposes, so not on your grass or flower beds, only for agricultural purposes. Organic pesticides are okay!

Here’s a fun one: In Delta, there is a bylaw stating that you are not allowed to have a circus with wild animals performing tricks! Just in case you were planning on getting friendly with a bear in Burns Bog and teaching it to hula hoop, it might be better to stick to training your dog to shake a paw.

Delta Basement suites recently became legal

Basement suites recently became legal in single-family dwellings in Delta, however they need to be inspected. First and second inspections are free, and there are multiple requirements that must be met. For example, the suite must be no larger than 968 square feet and there must be at least 3 off-street parking spaces for the house.

Delta bylaw on cutting down trees

Thinking of cutting down a tree in your front yard when you move to Delta? Make sure you talk to the city first!  Delta has a tree bylaw that states that no tree can be cut down without a permit from the city. You cannot even harm a tree in any way, which includes removing bark, denting it, or harming its roots.

A new city can have weird bylaws you would never think of, or places you wouldn’t know to look for.

Contact a Delta Moving Company

If you are moving to Delta, hopefully these facts are some help to you trying to figure out your new home!  For more quality moving tips like these from Ferguson Moving Company in Surrey and Delta BC, head over to our Vancouver Moving Tips blog posts!

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