Hiring a Interior Designer Before you Hire your Vancouver Moving Company

Why you should hire a professional interior designer or decorator before you move in Metro Vancouver

Stunning hotel lobbies, beautiful lounges and cheerful-looking bars don’t happen by accident. Chances are, if you like the way a place looks, professional interior decorators and designers had a hand in making it happen. But most people think this is a luxury only afforded to corporate buildings or the homes of the very wealthy. There may be some truth to that idea, but the reality is almost everyone can benefit from hiring an interior designer to scope out your new home and give tips on how to optimize the layout both before and after you move in. If you are relocating all of your belongings, an interior designer may save time, storage, and money!

Learn the differences between a professional interior designer and an interior decorator

Interior designers and decorators aren’t the same thing! Before you move into your new home, you should determine whose services you will need the most. It’s common to confuse both professions, but in reality they have different specialties. Interior decorators are more concerned with aesthetics, such as choosing the perfect wallpaper colour scheme. On the other hand, interior designers are more focused on functionality, like how to optimize space or direct foot traffic in your home. This could be really useful when determining how you’d like to lay out furniture in your new home before your move in. But an important note is that an interior designer’s training often overlaps with decoration, while the same cannot be said about interior decorators. Another thing to keep in mind is that in B.C. professional interior designers must be licensed. Decorators do not need any formal training or licence.

Hiring an interior designer can save you money by saving you set-up time once you’ve moved into your new home

Having a professional interior designer look at the layout of your home can save you time, which for many, can translate into cash, especially if you are an entrepreneur. Moving into a new home can be exciting, but we’re often overwhelmed with ideas on how to fill the vacant space. Think of the time spent shuffling furniture around aimlessly in your home. That could cost a day or more of income! Outsourcing jobs can allow you to spend more time generating cash instead of agonizing over time-consuming chores. It’s an approach that has been widely lauded by business books such as the best-selling Four Hour Work Week.

Interior designers can make your place look better when you’re moving in

So your friend has just finished moving into a beautiful new house. You’re now attending the housewarming party. The home looks gorgeous on the outside but once you step in, you can’t help but silently cringe. Chances are it’s because the owner made some bad design and decorating decisions. Wallpaper schemes, colour co-ordination and lighting arrangements are just a few examples of often overlooked things that can become unsightly when a layout is badly planned. An interior designer or interior decorator could probably tell you that colours appear different once they’re painted on a wall. Lighting, windows and/or a lack thereof can make a huge difference on colour or pattern schemes. Even things such as where the direction in which light falls (north, south, east, west) can affect what colours work and what don’t. Interior design can be a science. So you may want to hire someone who knows it inside and out.

Interior designers can optimize space

While you may need to rent a storage container in any event. If you’re stuck in a rut for how to cram stuff into a smaller apartment while still making it look tasteful, an interior designer can be your saving grace. A good designer can make even a tight spot breathe. And a professional can also arrange items to help direct the flow of foot traffic in your home. Some interior designers may even be able to create spaces that allow for more positive social interactions, which has become a field in of itself. These are all factors that are worth considering when you’re moving into your new home.

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