Avoiding Metro Vancouver’s Crow Attacks

So you’ve moved near a crow’s nesting area — we’ll show you how to avoid crow attacks in Vancouver

Let’s say you’ve just moved from Vancouver into a Metro Vancouver neighbourhood. Everything is perfect. But whenever you pass one of the trees on your street, you hear something — squawking. Then you hear wings flutter and claws scratch your head. The squawking goes on. If this situation sounds familiar, you may want to learn how to avoid crow attacks in Vancouver.

Chances are you’ve moved in Vancouver to a neighbourhood with lots of crows. And their mating season lasts from spring to late summer. You can expect them to be aggressively defending their territory. And yes, they do have territories, even though you see them everywhere.

Much of Metro Vancouver has been experiencing crow attacks. There have been cases in Mount Pleasant, Kitsilano, Strathcona and Richmond. In downtown Vancouver, crows have even drawn blood while attacking pedestrians. Victoria hasn’t been safe from crow attacks either.

The Wildlife Association of B.C. has been receiving up to 200 calls per day regarding aggressive crows.

So how do you avoid crow attacks when you’ve just moved? We’ll give you some pointers.

1. Avoid crow attacks in Vancouver by installing an awning above your patio

In addition to providing a way to shade yourself from the heat this summer, adding an awning or coverings above your patio can help ward off crows. It might be a good idea to keep one around if you’ve moved into crow territory.

2. Be nice — crows hold grudges!

Researchers have said crows can recognize people who have been nasty to them in the past. They say a crow can remember people’s faces for about five years. These birds also tend to return to the same nesting areas each mating season. The moral of the story? Be polite. Don’t take it personally — know they’re just trying to protect their kids.

So don’t yell, shout or try to hit crows. Like Santa Claus, they keep a naughty and nice list!

3. Try not to be too flashy around the house

Some people believe crows are attracted to shiny objects. However, others disagree. But if you want to play it safe, it might be wise to avoid wearing jewellry or anything shiny. The same goes for areas of your house exposed to the outdoors. Try not to put items like spoons, radios, clocks or anything metallic near your windows or doors. And when you’re stepping out of the house, try to keep the flashy stuff in your home. It may just help you avoid a crow attack in Vancouver.

4. Wear a hat

If you’ve if you’ve moved into a Vancouver neighbourhood where there are lots of crows, it might be wise to wear a hat. Crows often swoop overhead to attack from above. So cover up that head. It might help prevent a crow attack from messing up your hair.

5. Distractions can help prevent crow attacks

One way to avoid getting attacked by a crow is to stock up on some crow-friendly snacks to distract them. If your kids are playing in your new backyard, it might be wise to keep a bowl of peanuts nearby. Just in case a crow starts bothering them, let you children know they can throw your feathered guest a treat. That can buy your kids some time to move away from the angry crow.

6. Take alternate routes

Sometimes if you encounter a particularly aggressive crow in your new neighbourhood, you might just have to change your walking route. If this is the case, you’re not alone. One vendor from a Surreyshopping centre changed her parking spot because crows were harassing her. So be creative with your parking arrangements. If the crows bother you when you’re in the driveway of your new home — remember cars are shiny and crows may be attracted to shiny things — it may help to park in the street farther away.

Hang in there — crow attacks don’t last forever!

Crow nesting season usually ends in late summer. That means crows will probably be less aggressive around that time. Scout out your normal route to work or school and test things out. Are you hearing a lot of aggressive squawking? Do you see crows swooping closer? Examine the area and see if the crows are being friendly again.

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