Moving to Abbotsford? 3 reasons why it’s a good choice!

With a population of about 133,000, Abbotsford just might be the perfect city for you to call home. Because of the ever-increasing surge of housing prices in Metro Vancouver, families are having to get creative when it comes to seeking the lifestyle they want. From the all-encompassing services it has, to its communal focus, and its attractive real-estate market, Abbotsford is a great place to move to.

Here are the 3 reasons why an Abbotsford moving company might be the next call you make!

1. Abbotsford has all the services you need

Abbotsford is a full-fledged city that has more than enough reasons to never be a Vancouver commuter. You can explore a large shopping centre with all your favourite brands at Sevenoaks Mall, or find unique treasures in Abbotsford’s Historic Downtown.

Abbotsford transit is fairly accessible and is part of the Central Valley Transit system. It  will get you where you need to go within city limits and also offers connections to neighboring cities. A monthly pass for an adult is only $52.00 (at time of writing), which is fairly affordable up against the hefty price tags in Vancouver. The frequency however, is likely going to be somewhat less, but who’s counting if your pocket is happy!

One of the greatest benefits of being in Abbotsford, is that it is serviced by the Abbotsford International Airport. Over the years, this airport has been increasingly developed by Westjet, and now acts as a secondary West Coast hub for Canadian travellers. You’ll be able to access flights to the rest of Canada, and sometimes avoid a small price break. This is because you won’t be paying the same airport surcharges as Vancouver’s airport.

2. Abbotsford is family friendly with a community focus

First and foremost, before your family moves into your new Abbotsford home, here are some common bylaws you should be familiar with. After you’ve finished unpacking, hit up one of these top rated family restaurants! Then…

In Abbotsford, there are 46 public schools to choose from, many diverse green spaces and parks, and a massive volunteer hub called Abbotsford Community Services.

Abbotsford takes pride in its art and culture and has an art’s council that consistently offers free, public events for the whole family.

One of the greatest perks of being in Abbotsford, is how close it is to the Sumas border crossing. You and the family can take day trips to the USA with quick wait times and light traffic. Or, you can set up a cross border shipping service to save big bucks on your online purchases.

3. The cost of living in Abbotsford is manageable

We’ll be careful not to say ‘affordable’ as that might denote different standards for different people. But overall, Abbotsford has real estate prices the average person wouldn’t find daunting. Here is a great resource that shines a light on what to expect for the cost of living in Abbotsford.

Housing prices in Abbotsford are significantly less than anything in Metro Vancouver, and that value is only compounded by dealing with less traffic and less people. If you are seriously planning moving to Abbotsford, you can start here to get an idea of housing prices, as well as some agencies to help you out.

The benefits of moving to Abbotsford are hard to deny!

Whether you are moving from Vancouver to Abbotsford, or arriving from a long distance move, make sure you hire a reliable moving company. Ferguson Moving Company has been servicing the Abbotsford area for many years and would love to help you with your next move! Call us today at 604-922-2212 or online for a free quote!

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