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Moving your office is a huge undertaking that will take months and months of planning to successfully execute. We recommend that you start planning for your office move at least 6 months before the planned date.  For many companies moving an office can be overwhelming so it is recommended that you hire an office planning consultant to assist in creating an effective plan. This will make the lives of both your employees and management much easier and less stressful come moving day.

This office relocation checklist will help give you a better understanding of what steps should be taken to facilitate a cost effective and well-planned office move or corporate relocation.

    • Discuss your move with your employees. Make sure you have their input and are aware of the stress it will put on them as well
    • Establish a specific data and time that you will move on. This is important so you can establish goals and a timeline that prepares you adequately for the big day.
    • Make sure all sensitive documents that are being moved are located in secure filing cabinet. Any documents that are not being moved to your new office should be properly shredded to prevent any security breaches.
    • When choosing a moving company, make sure the movers have previous experience with office moves of a similar size. Contact some previous businesses that have used their services to verify their reliability and professionalism.

    • If you have a large office, it is recommended that you hire an office relocation consultant. Their expertise can save you time and they can easily identify and eliminate potential obstacles before they become big concerns. You can also hire relocation companies that will plan and perform the entire relocation for you.
    • Create an extensive office relocation plan that identifies where in your new office you will be placing the furniture, plants and electronics. Create a detailed map that identifies power outlets.
    • Before your move, ask your new landlord for multiple copies of the keys so you can provide them to all your employees. This will ensure a smooth transition to your new office for you and your employees.
    • Contact your telecommunication providers months in advance to have their installation technicians set up the infrastructure in your new office before you make the move. Have phone lines and high-speed internet connection services transferred to your new office and outlets installed in all the new offices that need them. This is very important to schedule early since these communication services are essential to the running of a business.
  • Buy important moving supplies so that employees can pack their most valuable items. Supplies like boxes, newsprint for packing, bubble wrap, tape dispensers, covers and pads, protective bags can minimize any damage to your equipment.
  • Organize a color-coded labeling system so that furniture and computer equipment can be easily delivered by your moving company to the correct rooms in your new office. Have a detailed map outline of your new office with colors that identify different floors and large offices.

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have it. This help your office relocation go more smoothly. If you have any questions we have not answered please contact us to speak with one of our office relocation specialists.

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