Richmond movers list important numbers and sites

Richmond movers list important phone numbers and websites to keep handy after you move to Richmond

We’ve formerly written about 5 reasons to move to Richmond, B.C. And, as Richmond Movers, we love helping our clients with all things related to moving. On this blog post, we’re going to list some important phone numbers and websites to keep handy when you move to Richmond.

Before we get started, keep in mind that the city of Richmond BC publishes a ‘Newcomer’s Guide’ that you may want to take a look at:

Public Transportation info for the City of Richmond, B.C.

Translink and the Coast Mountain Bus Company are what runs the public transportation in Richmond, B.C. The following page of the city’s website describes what you need to know about available routes, phone numbers or websites related to public transport in Richmond.


This is a PDF showing the Richmond and South Delta bus routes:

This is a page offering PDF downloads for the bus routes of other areas in the Lower Mainland, should you need to travel out of Richmond:

Taxi cab companies in Richmond

For private transportation options, here are a few options for taxi services in Richmond:

Garbage and recycling pick up information – useful for after you move to Richmond!

Right after you move to Richmond, you’re probably going to start wondering when garbage and recycling days are! And you’ll need that service if you’re purging while unpacking too.

This page of the City’s website shows a visual map of garbage and recycling pickup times, as well as a search function to find your own neighbourhood schedule:

List of community centres and public facilities in Richmond B.C.

This page below lists all the community centres in Richmond, and from there you can search to find out which ones have a program or facility you are looking for:


A list of swimming pools in Richmond B.C.

Who doesn’t love swimming? Whether winter or summer you may want to keep these pool centers in your list of contacts to check opening times, programs available, etc.:

  • Watermania – located at 14300 Entertainment Blvd. (near a movie theatre and other entertainment buildings). Phone number is  604-448-5353

  • Minoru Aquatic Centre – located at 7560 Minoru Gate (near a library, running field and other amenities). Phone number: 604-238-8020

  • Steveston and South Arm (outdoor pools)

    • South Arm pool is located at 10100 South Arm Place. Phone number is: 604-718-8035.

    • Steveston pool is located at 4151 Moncton Street. Phone number is: 604-238-8030.

    • Schedules and fees to get into the pools:

How to get notified of City of Richmond updates after you move

An easy way to keep up to date with what’s happening in the Richmond, B.C. community is to subscribe to the city’s e-mail newsletter. You can do so on this page of their site:

How to contact the City of Richmond after you move there

The City’s website has a list of department phone numbers for any issue you’re trying to resolve after you move to Richmond:

To report a city-related emergency (such as broken public services, but not for fire, police or ambulance 911 calls), use the 24 Hour City Emergency Line: 604-270-8721

Emergency phone numbers for Richmond B.C. residents or visitors

We don’t want to list them here, in case these numbers change. It’s important to keep the most up to date information. The City of Richmond lists their emergency phone lines here:

Here are other non-emergency numbers that would come in handy for reporting serious safety issues:

Richmond Hospital information

The Richmond Hospital is located at 7000 Westminster Highway Richmond BC V6X 1A2

Richmond school information

When you move to Richmond, if you have kids, you will want to know what schooling options you have. Below is the information for the Richmond School District:

Tourist visitor centers in Richmond

If you want to visit a physical building to get information on tourism information, this page of the Tourism Richmond website lists their locations:

This is great to keep handy if you have out of town guests you want to show around, and you have just moved to Richmond without much knowledge of the area.

Richmond shopping malls addresses and phone numbers

Richmond has some great shopping scenes, including Asian markets. There are plenty, but we’ll list some of the major ones here:

Here is Tourism Richmond’s list of shopping centres:

Richmond Night Market Information

Here is the website of the Richmond Night Market, a popular attraction in the warmer months of the year:

How to see Once Upon A Time being filmed in Richmond, B.C.

It’s exciting to live in the city where a major television show is being produced every year. Unfortunately, for obvious reasons, the show doesn’t release its filming schedule. But if you hang out at Steveston Village on any day (which is a good idea for several more reasons other than Storybrooke fanaticism), you might see the stars and cameras!

  • Here is Tourism Richmond’s page on the topic:

Pay a Richmond parking ticket

Hey, it happens to the best of us, no matter where we move to or visit. Here are some options from the city’s website:

To conclude: Richmond movers know there’s a lot more to keep on hand after a move to Richmond!

Keep in mind that while our ‘Richmond mover’s’ list ends here, there are plenty more resources offered in the City of Richmond! For example there are ice skating rinks, amazing outdoor playgrounds and great parks for some outdoor activity time. We encourage you to scope them out, while keeping this list handy for ‘most needed’ information. Of course, you can also add to your personal list, and post it on your refrigerator or somewhere where it can be easily accessed.

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