Helping the Community When Moving in Greater Vancouver

Options for Helping the Community When Moving in Greater Vancouver

There are a few things you need to do when moving in Vancouver: find a good Vancouver moving company, pack up all your belongings, and figure out what to do with the things you don’t want to take with you.

Out With The Old, In With The New

It might be easiest to just leave your old couch on the side of the road or bring it to the dump, but one thing you may want to consider is donating it to a local charity.The Greater Vancouver area has many great charities that help families in need by providing them with essential household items.

Here are 3 charities in different parts of Greater Vancouver that you may be interested in helping with your old goods:

Moving near Burnaby? Check out “Helping Families in Need”

Helping Families in Need: This charity is dedicated to providing household items to women from transition houses, single moms on income assistance, new immigrant families and needy families all over the Lower Mainland.

If you are moving in Burnaby and want to donate, Helping Families in Need volunteers will come to pick up your furniture for a $35 fee to cover transportation costs, or you can drop it off yourself as long as you make an appointment. For pieces of furniture that are not basic items, or are antiques, they host garage sales, raising money to cover their monthly expenses.

Moving near Vancouver? Check out “Aunt Leah’s”

Aunt Leah’s is a charity that supports children in foster care and single mothers in need. Foster care only supports children until 19 years of age, and after that many of them become homeless, so Aunt Leah’s helps them make the transition into adulthood. They accept clothing and accessories along with furniture and household items.

If you are moving in Vancouver and looking to donate your old furniture, Aunt Leah’s has a large need for things like coffee tables, bookshelves, lamps, small dining tables, and area rugs. These will help to furnish homes for teens and new moms in their programs. They also have a thrift store located at 177 East Broadway, and its profits help fund their programs.

Moving near Richmond? Check out “Richmond Shares”

Richmond Shares was established in 2006 by the Richmond Women’s Resource Centre, and aims to provide donated furniture for recycled use by a wide range of Richmond community members in need. This charity includes immigrants, refugees, women coming ativan out of transition houses, fire victims, single mothers and fathers, and seniors.

If you are moving in Richmond BC and looking to support Richmond Shares, some of the things they specifically ask for are dressers, bed frames, linens, washer and dryers, end tables, flat screen TVs, and bunk beds.

Another way to support: buying from charity thrift shops in Metro Vancouver

When moving in Vancouver BC, you can also support the community by buying furniture for your new place from charity thrift stores, like Aunt Leah’s. Greater Vancouver’s 101 things to do with all your old stuff also has a list of various thrift shops on page 64.

With so many great charities in the area, there is no shortage of potential to help out your local community when you move within Vancouver! Next time you purge for another move, try to consider how you can help out some of these amazing charities, in any way you can.

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