Vancouver Movers, Stress Free Moving

Yes, moving in Vancouver can be stress free, if you follow these tips!

Vancouver movers, are you dreading having to get ready for your move?

People only move about once every ten years. Have you ever heard the reason why? It’s because it takes that long to forget about the last move!

Here are some tips that will help you get ready for your move before the big moving day, and hopefully make it an experience you won’t want to forget!

1. Have a moving calendar or moving checklist

One of the best ways to get prepared is to have a moving calendar that is a ‘living, breathing’ calendar where you are writing down everything you need to do for your move. A good Canadian moving company should offer a personalized moving checklist so you can go through and check off all of the important items leading up to your move.

2. Have a moving company do a home visit before moving day

Part of the advantage of having a free in-home moving cost estimate before your move is not only that you’ll know the price of your move before moving day. It’s also so that the moving company can point out things you may not have considered. Some items you might need to know about, especially if you are moving into areas like Downtown Vancouver (or other small residences popping up in suburbs like Surrey and Richmond) are:

  • Needing to reserve the elevator in your building
  • Trees may need to be trimmed so the truck can fit in your driveway
  • You may need a permit for the moving truck to parking outside of your building

All of these things can be discovered during the home visit process where the moving company can look around at your particular situation and determine whether or not you need to add items to your checklist.

3. Take care of practical details online

When you move you have to change your address with your credit card companies as well as on your drivers license and other identification documents. You also have to take care of forwarding mail, to make sure all your bills make it to your new address. Thankfully much of this can be done online nowadays so it shouldn’t take too long to check this off your list.

4. Take advantage of the services professional moving companies provide

Another thing to consider when debating whether to hire a professional moving and storage company is that these companies have all the moving supplies you’ll need already on hand, including moving boxes, packing tape, and so on. Their supplies can actually save you money instead of costing you more. Oh yes!

Instead of running out to a store to collect free cardboard boxes for your move you may want to consider paying a little for better boxes. Those free boxes could contain moisture, bacteria, bugs and other surprises you don’t want to find! They can also end up being more expensive because they cost the movers labor and time to arrange in the moving truck. If you pay the moving companies per hour and it takes them a lot longer to stack mismatched boxes, that time can add up. It will save them time if you get the same sized boxes. You can even rent study plastic boxes, such as from Frogbox or another specialized boxing company, and then return them after your move (also an eco friendly and cleaner, more water-proof way to move!). The moving company you go with should be able to help you find or provide uniform boxes for a fee.

If you are planning a move locally in Metro Vancouveracross the Canada, or international moving, don’t forget to plan ahead and follow these tips. Finding a good good moving and storage company in Vancouver can take the pressure off you, and make your move a much less stressful experience. Let the moving company do the heavy lifting (literally!) so you can enjoy your new home and get to know your new neighbours early!

Call or order online for your free estimate to find out how much it will cost to store or move your Vancouver area home

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