Upsizing Homes: Greater Vancouver Movers Tips

Up-sizing with your Greater Vancouver Move

One of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make is how you move or up-size your home. Whether it is because you have a growing family or simply because you would like more room for entertaining your guests, these 5 simple steps will help guide you to the best, stress-free moving experience that you can imagine.

1.  Find the perfect fit

When you are deciding  how to up-size your home, it may be easy to let your emotions go wild and wish for your perfect dream home. However, you still need to consider what you really need, as opposed to what you want.  You could wish for anything, but only so much of it will come true. Although you are looking for a larger home, you still want to make sure it isn’t too big.

Finding the right house is similar to buying clothes; you want to make sure it is the perfect size for you and your family. Think about why you are up-sizing. Do you need the space for your growing family, or to start a home business?

Make a list of how many bedrooms you need, how much office or storage space you need, and any other features you are looking for. From there, your real estate agent can help you find the perfect-sized home for you.

2.  Sit down and plan your move out

This step is very important in making sure that upsizing your home goes smoothly. Make sure you have a professional Vancouver moving company to help you with your move, and carefully plan out how you are going to arrange your new space.

Whether you go with a professional interior designer or do it yourself, it is good to know what you are going to use your extra space for, and where everything will go. This will help you make the most out of your added space and make your Vancouver move experience go smoothly.

3.  Buy used furniture

With your new space, it is very likely you will need some new furniture to fit into the extra room you now have. Upsizing for more square footage is going to be a large expense in itself, so it may be necessary to find ways to save, and still get what you want and need out of your move. If you need furniture for your new home, try checking out some second hand or vintage shops. Even Craigslist nowadays is excellent for some bargain buys.

Buying furniture that has been gently used is a great way to not only save money, but also help the environment. You can also find some really unique pieces that no one else has, which will add a nice touch to your new home!

4.  Don’t try to fill up all your extra space just because you can

Extra space doesn’t mean you should go crazy filling it up with stuff just because you have the room. If you don’t really have a use for it, don’t buy it!

5. Don’t hold on to everything just because you can

Similarly, don’t hold on to all your old things and ways just because you have more room now. Moving can be an excellent opportunity to change up your furniture and the feel of your house. Try switching up the design of your home! You can even move your existing furniture around to different rooms to try something new, like moving an easy chair from the living room to a bedroom, or to the rec room.

Don’t keep something just because you have the room for it though; if you don’t love it and don’t use it, get rid of it! Purging is a great way to get rid of ‘mental weight’ and have a fresh new start.

Moving to a bigger home in Vancouver is a big decision to make, but hopefully these 5 Vancouver Movers Tips will help you have an easy Vancouver move!

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